Fence Company 36610 – Done Things in Greatness (2022)

fence company 36610

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Fencing Companies 29414 – Sorting Good for Many

fencing companies 29414

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Roofing 29212 – A Big Applause for a Shoutout 2022

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Computer evolution

Computers are the most useful and appreciable invention of humans till date. It has opened the doors to all kinds of technology that mankind sees now. Computers were basically invented to automate the mathematical calculations that were done by humans. In the industrial revolution, mechanical devices were made to automate the long and monotonous tasks. Charles Babbage is appreciated as the father of the computer.

Generations of computers are distributed into five generations, considering their technology. The fifth generation is the latest and most advanced of all of the generations. The computer is the most dominant invention of human history. The computer is used in government, banking, and education. It became necessary in scientific and political research, and moreover, in aspects of medicine and law.

The first generation of computers.

The first generation of computers was introduced in the mid-nineties. It was based on vaccume tubes for logic circuitry. The first computer that was introduced in the first generation of computers was the ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator), which was invented by Americans.

It was followed by Univac, which is by far the fastest computer in the world. The first generation of computers also had drawbacks as they were made with vacuum tubes that radiated a lot of heat, causing them to melt, resulting in high maintenance costs. It required a lot of space and air conditioning.

The second generation of computers

The second generation of computers was based on transistors instead of vacuum tubes. This generation of computers consisted circuit boards made up of transistors and magnetic core memory. These computers had low power consumption and it was smaller in size when compared to first generation computers. They also emitted less heat.

This generation of computers also had drawbacks. Although it generated less heat, it still required air conditioning. Its size was smaller relative to the first generation, but it still consumed a lot of space. It was expensive, and its production was difficult.

The third generation of computers

The third generation of computers used integrated circuits rather than transistors. The size of third generation computers was smaller than in previous generations. It used a magnetic storage device for storage. It had upgraded operations and more reliable outputs. It started the trend of using monitors and printers. Third-generation computers still needed air conditioning even though they generated less heat. Formal training was required to use the third-generation computers.


The fourth generation of computers

These computers used microprocessors and VLSI rather than IC. VLSI consists of thousands of transistors on a microchip. It used RAM and ROM for memory storage. It also supported high-level language. Advanced tech was required to build them, causing low production. A fan was necessary to keep the CPU cool.

The fifth generation of computers

The fifth generation of computers used ULSI. These computers were made by Japan. It also used artificial intelligence. It was advanced in parallel processing. Very powerful computers were available at cheap prices. It did not require formal training for usage. It had multimedia features and was more user-friendly. The drawback of fifth generation computers is that they can give increased power to companies to watch over what you are doing. It can also allow them to make changes to your computer.

Fencing Jacksonville Fl – This will Work Good 2022

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Fencing Charleston SC – A Path to Perfection 2022

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Web personalization: what is it and why is it so important?

The idea of ​​this post is to show everything that can be customized and give some tips on how to create a customization template to be more effective with your site

Web personalization is the process of creating customized experiences for your audience, based on their behavior, needs, desires, profile, location and other characteristics. Web personalization can be used to increase conversion rate, to sell more, or to increase product engagement, for customer retention, for example.

First, that story of making a campaign to reach everyone is no longer effective, regardless of the channel used, such as email, social media, paid media, newspaper and even television. The latter, in addition to being expensive, is not focused on the individual.

Personalization is a critical component of your marketing activities , it’s important to create a great experience for your consumers and bring about the best conversions.

A great example to illustrate:

For a marketing analyst, chances are high that he will not generate results if the same marketing email is sent to his entire base.

Its database is complex and made up of multiple segments and different types of consumers. Each will have different interests in specific products and services. Even inserting the variable “ Hello , *|FIRST NAME|*” keeps the same communication, offers and a piece of content that for everyone is not effective.

We can see that they do the same on the website. They offer the same experience to each visitor, without paying attention to their behavior, their attributes to establish a connection.

It is quite common for the analyst to think about the increase in audience and forget to speak individually with the visitor to your website.

The main metrics for conversion, lead generation  and sales are marketing activities that come from your website. And personalization is the means to be more effective and measure the impact of these actions .

A recent survey by VB Insight showed that 87% of companies see an increase in these metrics when they customize their marketing actions. According to the DemandGen survey , 70% of buyers have indicated that a seller site was the biggest channel of influence in the buying decision.

What is web personalization?

The term web personalization refers to the dynamic and personalized creation of online experiences , in order to give them maximum relevance and improve the experience for visitors and consumers.

This is done based on their behavior, location or attributes.


What can you customize on your website?

First of all, it is necessary to define in 3 elements to be customized:

  • attributes
  • Collect
  • Interface

What are the attributes?


  • Behavior: by user browsing data such as pages visited, time on a particular page, click on any button or link.
  • Demographics: referring to the IP of the region or country. In this way, it is possible to change the language or regional elements. In some cases, with user data, it can be customizable by gender and age;
  • Firmographics: are characteristics of organizations and firm data. For example: company size in number of employees, area of ​​expertise or industry, revenue and other data related to the organization;
  • Contextual: by device used by the user, type of group or vertical focused on some theme. Example: if you have a sports ecommerce, it would be for a “tennis” vertical.

How to collect?


  • Buyer stage by website behavior: can identify the stage by mapping parts of the website with tracking pixels from Google Analytics , Facebook Pixel and other tracking tools, can retrieve who has passed a cart page, but you haven’t made the purchase yet.
  • Interest (Lead Scoring): defining scores according to a certain interest, Lead Scoring rules and automations can be created . For example, for a Lead with more than 4 conversions in a tech material you can send emails or offer content related to tech.
  • Data/Base (CRM): by segmenting the database of your Leads, you can separate them into direct campaigns for each type of Lead or moment. Example: separate Leads by age, gender, regions, decision-making positions, etc.

How do I present?


  • Custom fields: by collecting form fields from your website or Landing Page , you can offer personalized content according to the interests of these Leads
  • Dynamic areas: are parts presented with content of interest to the user. Example: the website changes the language according to the country where the user is located.
  • Integrated campaign: when you target a base according to a certain interest and send content to them. Example: when you target positions of directors make a communication for that position.

3 examples of web personalization to inspire your business

To understand in practice, check out three web personalization cases, which are part of our new Complete Web Personalization Manual :

Grupo Pão de Açúcar: customized offers for customers

Retail giant, Grupo Pão de Açúcar has invested in technology to gain more market share and consumer life.

Through the Pão de Açúcar Mais application , customers receive personalized product offers and also suggestions for other discounted items that may be of interest to them. All based on the purchase history and preferences of each of the consumers.

The results indicate that the strategy is going very well. Four months after the application’s launch, which took place in May 2017, the loyal customer base grew by 6%.

According to the retailer, today more than 80% of purchases made at Pão de Açúcar stores are already made by participants in the relationship program.

Optimizely: customize to convert more

After four years of optimizations, Optimizely , the conversion optimization platform , has achieved the best possible version of the site itself. At that time, any change had minimal results.

If they wanted to engage more potential customers and raise their conversion rate, managers would need to radically change the homepage.

That’s what they did: they created 26 customized versions of the home page. Visitors not only identified with the action but also tweeted about it. Look!

web cases personalization optimizely

The result was that the custom pages performed better than the old and unique home page. In numbers:

  • engagement increased 1.5%
  • the conversion rate in the “Solutions” tab grew 113%
  • the CTA conversion rate to create a test account has gone up 117%

Spotify: customizing every list

By the end of July 2018, the music streaming platform Spotify had registered no less than 83 million paid subscribers. Three months earlier, there were 75 million paying users. Compared to the same period in 2017, the rate is 40% higher.

At the heart of this accelerated growth is the company’s quest to innovate and adapt to user needs, delivering tailor-made experiences for each of them.

The platform expresses this idea in all its lyrics: “the playlists that Spotify creates just for you, like Discovery of the Week and News Radar, are based on your habits (what you like, share, save and even what you skip ) and also those of people with similar tastes”.


Understand what referral marketing is and how to apply it to your agency’s clients

Referral Marketing is a great strategy to leverage the results of your agency’s clients. See practical tips on how to use it

Have you ever heard the expression “word of mouth”? It is about situations in which a person likes a product or service so much that they recommend it to other people. The referral marketing is a remodeled form of this concept.

Think about the current market scenario and consumption habits. It is possible to observe that people no longer just want to consume. They are in a constant search for new experiences. 

When you manage to align your deliveries to the public’s wishes, ensuring a satisfying customer experience, it makes them recommend your company. And that’s how referral marketing is built.

We at Layer Up have a successful case working on this concept. By restructuring the Playcenter Group’s planning and strategies, we managed to increase its revenue by 1,529.04%. Therefore, in this article we are going to share some tips on the subject, using the case as an example, so that you can take advantage of this concept with your agency’s clients as well.

Going deeper into referral marketing

Now that you know the concept, let’s talk about the practical part . Working on referral marketing involves a set of strategies that facilitate decision making at the time of purchase through referral and recommendation from other users.

Basically, it is a customer who becomes a spontaneous promoter of your brand and naturally influences other people to purchase your product or service as well. After all, many people look for testimonials or second opinions when considering a purchase.

Reference marketing can also be considered a journey , as there is a path that the customer takes from the moment he knows your brand until he is enchanted with the deliverable. In order for it to be faithful to your business, it is interesting to offer something that complements your experience.

How to implement this concept?

It is clear that, for the customer to become a promoter of the company, it is necessary for him to have a positive opinion about the journey he has covered . Therefore, we have separated some tips that work here at the agency for you to apply with your clients as well:

Build customer loyalty

Loyalty strategies go hand in hand with referral marketing. Therefore, study ways to implement a loyalty program according to the profile of the companies you serve, aligning the number of customers they currently have and how much they intend to reach.

Our case, the Playcenter Group, had difficulty keeping the customer who was already engaged in its base .

While studying the best way to improve this relationship, we developed a specific plan for Playmania , an advantage club that offers discounts at the park to attract, qualify and convert leads.

We created flows and campaigns to publicize the new advantages, which yielded a growth of 53.4% ​​in a one-year period.

We also developed specific journeys for another front – children’s birthday parties. We made a special communication for those who had already celebrated in the customer’s space.

Altogether there were 29 automation flows and more than 40,839 Leads converted, generating demand through digital channels.

Be present on social media

To generate recognition and especially reach, it is necessary to be present on social networks. But, before publishing, create a schedule that talks directly to the public, working on their desires, pains and needs.

In our case, this strategy was used to reformulate communication and attract users to all fronts: parks, birthday parties in the space and school excursions.

Provide a good shopping experience

Yes, we have already mentioned the importance of providing customer satisfaction, but the shopping experience is one of the crucial factors of referral marketing, as it is from this point that it effectively becomes a promoter.

It is essential to offer excellent service , concerned not only with selling, but with helping others to achieve what they want . This factor helps a lot in loyalty.

To apply this concept to the Playcenter Group, we allocated a Sales Development Representative (SDR), a pre-sales professional who served the public during the commercial stage, answering questions and offering all the support even before the purchase.

Evaluate your customer experience

Considering the entire process, from the search for a product or service, through purchase to use, it is necessary to understand more deeply how the experience of consumers in general is.

Receiving this feedback is important to find points for improvement, understand what they liked the most, what were the main benefits of purchasing the product or service and the reason for choosing your client’s company .

This was also a process adopted in the Playcenter Group’s party planning . The objective was to optimize bottlenecks, delivering a better service, in addition to understanding the ideal time to get back in touch, with more strategic flows.

Is it possible to apply referral marketing in an e-commerce?

With all the changes in consumption habits and the transformation that has been taking place in the market, it is necessary to develop strategies that improve the e-commerce Sales process as well. During the pandemic we could see a growth in online stores, and you as an agency have probably already had contact with a client of this type.

In addition to implementing all the strategies that have already been mentioned, there are other ways to take advantage of these indications without putting a completely commercial image behind the experiences that appear on your page.

In this case, the ideal is to create a space for customers to share their experiences on the very page where the product or service is being sold. It is possible to place categories such as evaluation of service, merchandise, shipping and delivery time.

In this way, anyone interested in buying the product will be directly influenced by the opinion of people who have already used it .

It is also worth deploying this method on your customer’s e-commerce social networks, so that you can repost the opinions shared by them in real time, helping to improve your reputation and bringing more engagement.

The Playmania e-commerce referral marketing strategy

In addition to leveraging the Playmania advantage club with more offers and good communication, we decided to take it a step further: we developed an e-commerce.

Through the site, the user could purchase a card and load it with offers, avoiding lines at the park and saving fun time. In this way, we improve the customer experience and facilitate the purchase process.

After carrying out this planning and applying automations, nutrition and shots, there was an expansion of 298.22% in the number of registered in the club, going from an average of 730 monthly registrations to 1,938 new Leads per month.

By analyzing these results, it is possible to understand how referral marketing can be effective for your company or brand.

Case Playcenter: The practical example of benchmark marketing that won the “Best Marketing and Sales Case” category at the Agências de Resultados

The Playcenter case that we show in this article was so successful that it led Layer Up to be the winner of the Results Agencies Award , in the Best Marketing and Sales Case category, in 2019. The award is a way for RD to give visibility to the agencies that most become highlighted during the year.

With over 2,000 participants, the award takes place annually on the eve of RD Summit (or Hostel by RD Summit, as it was last year) and crowns the best agencies in the country.

How about getting inspired by the post tips to create a Marketing and Sales success story too? We still have a few months until this year’s awards, and I’ll bet you’d like to take your agency’s name to the podium.


News of the Week: no, Corona beer is not affected by the coronavirus

While the WHO does not define whether the coronavirus is an epidemic or a pandemic, it is good to protect ourselves from infodemic – information overload

If you can’t take any more reading or hearing about coronavirus and went to your favorite Digital Marketing and Technology blog to get away from the topic, well… maybe you’ll be disappointed. My expectation, however, is that the news I chose to highlight in our weekly blogpost will bring you good thought and encourage you to be a more complete person.

By the way, this is the objective of our periodic meeting. Offer stories that inspire you to end the week with good ideas and, to top it off, shine on the weekend in conversations with family and friends. To ensure that you are not left out of this great intellectual current, subscribe to our newsletter. And enjoy reading the post!

No, Corona beer is not affected by the coronavirus

Since the first weeks of the emergence of the coronavirus, there has been a debate: is it an epidemic or a pandemic? The definition is technical and based on the number of countries affected. On the other hand, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced, from the beginning, that we were dealing with an infodemia . That is, too much information, often false.

Of course, it is important to know the basics to prevent the disease, as well as its main symptoms and what to do in case of suspected contagion. This is not disputed. However, with the agenda on the rise, some news ends up having more prominence than they should. This week, for example, we had a case related to marketing.

There was a lot of circulation, especially on social networks (always them!), a survey showing that Corona beer was having a disastrous drop in sales. A much smaller problem compared to the deaths and isolation of entire cities, but it ended up gaining prominence in this infodemia. Almost comical relief in the midst of fear.

So, many people shared the “news”, without even going beyond the headlines. Overall, they focused on the statistic that 38% of Americans would have stated that they would not buy Corona beer under any circumstances in this coronavirus period. That’s a lot, it would be a total of 124 million people – and a huge loss!

But, however, Corona, virus

Without going into the merits – but it is always worth emphasizing – that there is absolutely nothing to do between Corona beer and the coronavirus, as this in itself is absurd, it is always good to take a look at the research methodology. According to CNN, it was made with just 737 beer drinkers in the United States. So it is.

Another fact that gained prominence was the fall in the shares of the owner of Corona, Constellation Brands, a reflection of the connection with the coronavirus. Well, stock exchanges around the world have fallen, and none have companies listed with “corona” in their name. What almost nobody said: Corona Extra sales rose 5% between January and February, the height of panic.

And speaking of marketing, Corona was charged for keeping the pace of posts on social media, without changing the strategy or images of cold beer in the sun. In a statement to the Fast Company website, a spokesperson for the brand said the obvious: “our consumers understand that there is no connection between the virus and our business.”


In the end, the coronavirus is still between an epidemic and a pandemic. For now, in addition to basic hygiene care, we must protect ourselves from this infodemia. Discernment with what we pass on to other people is important, in every way, even more so in this time of fear.

Twitter tests “stories” exclusively in Brazil

In another novelty that no one asked for, but even so Twitter decided to launch, Fleets arrived exclusively in Brazil. They are nothing more than Stories from the social network of the bird that, if approved by Brazilians, will be expanded globally.

By approved I mean used, since the average tweeter complains about everything, but ends up adopting all the features that are pushed to him.

Fleets can be text, image or both mixed together. Other users will not be able to publicly interact with your tweetstory, that is, no RTs and likes, just DMs. They will also disappear after 24 hours.

According to the official statement on the Twitter blog , the idea is to encourage people to post again as in the early days, when even the initial screen had the message “What are you doing?”. Thus, tweets would appear more ephemeral and more urgent.

And why us? “Since Brazil is one of the countries where people talk the most on Twitter, with many of you passionate about talking and following other Brazilians on the platform, we are excited to test the new functionality here,” says the blogpost.

WhatsApp launches night mode

WhatsApp is the latest app to launch its night mode. If you are unfamiliar with the term, this is a “dark” version of the app. In theory, this affects users’ vision less, postponing in a few years the inevitable injuries that we will all have when we spend hours looking at the cell phone instead of the beautiful world around.

The launch video is very humorous, by the way. It goes back to insomnia and inconvenient alerts that we forget to turn off at night and, when we wake up, ruin our health in the long run. However, as zapzap used “Sounds of Silence” in the ad’s soundtrack, we can give it a discount.

All kidding aside, always use apps sparingly. Don’t see night mode as an excuse to spend more time talking to your contacts or messing around with a group. I’m not here to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do, but please know that I care about your well-being.

LinkedIn launches playlists on Spotify

In yet another incredible crossover of internet titans, LinkedIn has launched a complete package of music playlists on Spotify .

For now, I just enjoyed the “Refine & Focus” playlist, which I really liked. These are soft themes to help the person focus. I even wrote this post to the sound of the songs available there. I will let you judge if the result was good or not.

RD launches Relationship Marketing Week

Do you want to know how to attract new customers and relate effectively? Then watch the Relationship Marketing Week between March 23rd and 27th. You will see that, increasingly, it is worth dedicating actions to create customer proximity.


The Power of Facebook Ads for Your Business: How the Platform Can Accelerate Results

Did you know that Facebook has 127 million Brazilians active monthly? See how ads can help you reach them!

Producing valuable content and making it available for free through Landing Pages is a great way to generate Leads, attract the right people to your business, and facilitate sales. We talk about it quite often here on the RD blog.

However, many start-up companies find this task difficult and sometimes time-consuming. And that’s not a lie: it’s always good to keep in mind that a Content Marketing strategy  works much better for the long term.

Even so, companies that are starting to use the internet to generate business can accelerate results and get ahead of the competition, especially in a competitive market.

Paid media is a way to shorten this path and get to the right Leads faster. Many of our customers have achieved good results in sponsored campaigns on Facebook, currently the largest social network in the world and ideal for generating demand.

Some important data about Facebook (via Sprout and Statista ):

  • More than 2.2 billion people use Facebook monthly;
  • Each user spends an average of 35 minutes a day on Facebook;
  • 93% of social media advertisers invest in Facebook Ads.

Brazil is one of Facebook’s biggest markets. In June 2018, the company announced that the number of Brazilians active on the social network, per month, reached 127 million . Furthermore, it revealed that 90% of these users use mobile devices to access it.

What is Facebook Ads

The  Facebook Ads is a robust media system pays that offers plenty of formats and segmentation for companies to advertise within the social network.

You know those posts that appear on your timeline with a gray caption written “Sponsored”? These are content promoted within the platform and that were driven by this fan page.

Facebook’s ad platform offers different formats and business objectives for advertisers, from likes on the page, lead generation to confirmation of presence at events.

Why Advertise on Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook Ads is a way to increase your company’s reach on the social network and generate more business with a highly customizable and controllable investment. That is, you only invest as much as you can and as much as you want.

Furthermore, Facebook’s complex algorithm has not guaranteed that all your posts will be seen by all of your followers for some time now. On average, only 1% of your fans will view your posts.

And besides, advertising on Facebook allows your company to reach people who haven’t liked your page yet.

In summary, some advantages of advertising on Facebook are:

  • Easily find people: You can choose your audience based on demographics, behaviors or contact information;
  • Grab the audience’s attention: Ad formats are attractive, flexible, and work across all devices and connection speeds;
  • Analyze Results: Ad reporting tools show you how your ads have affected your business in easy-to-read, visual reports.

3 Common RD Customer Problems That Facebook Ads Can Solve

With our experience serving over 11,000 customers, many of them running paid media actions on Facebook, we have identified 3 common issues faced by these companies.

1. Difficulty and delay in generating traffic only with organic actions, such as SEO and social networks

Yes, organic traffic is achieved over time and not immediately. SEO is a constant work of improving your website focused on the medium and long term, and that hardly brings results right at the beginning.

That doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. On the contrary, long-term investment pays off over time. However, if you need more immediate results, advertising on Facebook is a good solution

2. Difficulty finding the right audience on the internet

Do you already know your audience? Do you have well-defined personas?

Not all companies know the right audience. Or know but don’t find it.

The high segmentation provided by Facebook ads and interesting features such as lookalike audience can help your company more quickly find the audience that wants your product/service, but doesn’t know you yet.

3. Very slow buying journey in the perception of many companies

The shopping journey is a basic path taken by all consumers on the internet. However, this journey can be very slow and the time between the learning and discovery stage to the closing stage can be long.

With funnel bottom ads you can “shortcut” the shopping journey and show your solutions to people who are ready.

Bonus: Examples of RD Customers who generated Leads with Facebook Ads

To make everything more practical, we’ve brought you some real-life examples: they are Resultados Digitais clients who used Facebook ads to accelerate the generation of Leads.

Check out!

King Host

  • Leads generated: 1,527



  • Leads generated: 947


  • Leads generated: more than 100


Security Solutions Alert

  • Leads generated: 122



  • Leads generated: 592


Above, you saw the power of Facebook Ads and also some examples of customers who are using this channel for lead generation. Is that you? Already do Facebook ads for your business?

Here at RD, we believe it is possible to simplify the lives of marketers who work with Facebook Ads. We reached this conclusion by analyzing, precisely, the challenges that companies have to stand out from the competition.

Therefore, RD Station Marketing customers have access to a feature that allows the creation of Facebook ads and integration with Facebook Lead Ads.

That way, you can create Facebook ads directly on RD Station and quickly increase visitors to your Landing Pages.

In addition to accelerating your results, your company also gains productivity by performing multiple actions on a single platform.

The native integration with Facebook Lead Ads allows you to generate Leads in Facebook and easily bring them to your base in RD Station, avoiding manual tasks or external integrations. Just connect your accounts, combine the fields and you’re done!