Back From the Hospital

Sorry for the absence but it couldn’t be helped — docs think it was a passed gall stone combined with an antibiotic-induced pancreatitis. I haven’t eaten anything since Thursday. Luckily, they had cable but I’ve got to be honest — CNBC is a wasteland during market hours. Fast Money and Cramer were the only shows [...]

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Bob Heller: Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

Bob Heller, a former Fed official, just popped on Bloomberg and stated that the Fed messed up the economy, get this, by raising interest rates too high and wrecking the housing market. I try not to get too belligerent when pointing out these foolish pundits but this guy must be an ABSOLUTE IDIOT. Remember, this [...]


Fed Risks Impotency With Latest Panic Cut

The Fed blows it…again. Before I could even get back from the gym, the Fed announced a 3/4 rate cut. While financial players worldwide were calling for them to do something, this is the wrong move. I’ll flesh it out in more detail in a later post but the short summary: In life, timing is [...]

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Can’t Look Away From Stock Market Crash(es)

This is absolutely riveting stuff. I’m watching CNBC India, where apparently the India markets have tripped the lower circuit breaker and they’ve halted trading for an hour. The talking heads are talking about slashing at wounds and exacerbating blood flow and whatnot so they sound pretty panicked to me. Strange as it is, Bloomberg US [...]

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Global Markets Capitulating to Pending US Recession?

Well, whatever the case is, stock markets around the world sold off something fierce last night/this morning. They all looked to have dived at least 3%, with the FTSE and Hang Seng down more than 5%. Supposedly, the world’s investors are saying bullocks to the announced US fiscal stimulus proposals. Not that I know any [...]

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Markets Now Approaching Fear

For the last few weeks, it has been strange to see the market selling off consistently but yet the VIX gauge stay in the lower 20′s. The VIX is now inching toward 30 and things are getting a little scary out there. I’ll admit this sell-off causes me to hesitate to wade in. I was [...]