Back From the Hospital

Sorry for the absence but it couldn’t be helped — docs think it was a passed gall stone combined with an antibiotic-induced pancreatitis. I haven’t eaten anything since Thursday.

Luckily, they had cable but I’ve got to be honest — CNBC is a wasteland during market hours. Fast Money and Cramer were the only shows worth watching (for entertainment value only, of course).

While I was laying in bed for a week, it was nice to see my warning in a previous post about value vs. growth validated. The four horsemen stocks, VMWare, even Smith International getting marked down as their growth rates can’t keep up with expectations.

I’m expecting a 50 bp cut and ready for a 25 bp cut. Everyone, including the mainstream media, now know the Fed is Wall Street’s b*tch and Bernanke may take this opportunity to reassert the Fed’s credibility in terms of not being beholden to the equity markets. But if Bernanke has proven anything, it is that he is incapable of taking advantage of opportunities.

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