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I recently made a resolution to stop focusing so much on what delusional pundits, authorities, and the like say in the media. It’s not productive (except as a gauge on sentiment), my portfolio has performed quite well ignoring their hallucinatory ramblings and I’m not sure why I should get so riled up over mass cluelessness. [...]

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Selling Naked Puts: Bad for Your Portfolio?

Maybe so, according to Steven Sears of Barron’s. He put out a piece last week on options strategies and how retail investors can be duped into risky strategies by shucksters. One of the strategies he implicitly poo-poohs is selling naked puts: “It gets better. He said he even heard one claim a few years ago [...]

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Interesting article on the US$ reserve status

Nice little UBS research note published on Barron’s website discussing the dollar’s resemblance to the sliding sterling in the early 20th century. I have to agree with this article for the most part. I haven’t discussed this aspect much lately but despite my bearishness regarding the US dollar, I do not expect the armageddon type [...]


Seth Klarman’s Baupost Group Goes Crazy for SPACs and Sallie Mae

Quite a few money managers filed their SEC filings today. One that caught my eye was Seth Klarman’s Baupost Group. Klarman’s track record is legendary and frankly, after Warren Buffett, I can’t think of a better investment role model to seek to emulate. I’ll post the spreadsheet to the website over the weekend but here’s [...]


Festival of Stocks

My report on SK Telecom is included as part of this week’s Festival of Stocks, hosted by Stock Market Prognosticator: 02/11/2008 – Festival of Stocks There are always some great contributors and good ideas floating around these festivals so I’d recommend you check it out.

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SK Telecom: Doubling Down

Yesterday, I put in an order to double down on SKT as the stock had dropped another 10% from my initial entry. I reviewed their Q4 2007 results. An official write-up will be put up on the Enlightened-American website this weekend but long story short, the company is engaged in a market share war for [...]

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