Barron’s Chart Watcher Article

I don’t follow technical analysis too much but like most people, I am more than happy to click on any link that confirms my view of the world  ;)

Michael Kahn’s technical analysis article from Barron’s is interesting.  I don’t know about all that fancy mumbo-jumbo about double bottoms and whatnot but I do agree with one thing: it’s amazing to witness this “panic” while so many of the TV people I see are calling market bottoms left and right.   Here’s the quote if you’re not a subscriber:

AFTER WATCHING THE TALKING HEADS ON FINANCIAL TELEVISION, we would all be crazy not to take buckets of cash down to the local brokerage office and buy everything with a ticker. Rarely have I watched so many professionals proclaim unequivocally that the bottom is in.

Rest of the article: The Market Bottom That Wasn’t

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