Making Sense of the Senseless

A little over a year ago, I started this site and asked my friend his opinion of it. He thought the name suggested a little arrogance and in hindsight, that’s probably the case but the domain name’s already paid for so I just have to live with it.

I liked the idea of the Enlightened American not because I claim to be one but strive for it. The suffocating ignorance pervading all aspects of our society, from finance & economics to politics to culture, threatens the long-term health of our country. I am not talking about whether taxes should raised or lowered or whether globalization is net win/loss for Americans. These debates need to happen but it is my experience that most people have absolutely no knowledge base to even understand, much less engage, in these discussions. People are thus susceptible to propoganda and manipulation. To that end, I’m hoping that the few people digging deeper for information and insight can find bits of it here on this site.

I bring this up in the wake of last night’s Pennsylvania primary (bias disclosure) because there is a point that I have not seen made in the public arena. While pandering in elections is commonplace (see Obama’s pandering re: free trade & McCain’s cave-in on mortgage bailouts), it is astounding to see a seri0us candidate propose a Monroe Doctrine for the Middle East (the Clinton Doctrine, anyone?) and promise to go to war on behalf of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, etc. Yesterday, Hillary also threatened to obliterate Iran.

I thought John McCain was a warmonger but Hillary Clinton is bordering on grossly irresponsible and her rhetoric suggests a contempt for the intelligence of the American people. This is the same person who has aggressively pushed for a windfall profits tax on oil companies as well as a useless summer gas tax holiday. Here is a very simple question: what would the American obliteration of Iran do to oil prices? And would high prices still be the fault of oil companies at that point? Who would you tax at that point to pay for your mistake?

The fact that few objections are being raised at this insane rhetoric may validate the Clintons’ contempt of the American public.

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