Euro 2008: Knockout Stage Predictions

Revisiting my previous predictions, I was a perfect 8 of 8 (though I got the ordering wrong on Group B). Maybe I should stop investing and go to Vegas! Let’s keep the streak alive:


  • Portugal vs. Germany — I think Portugal’s main weakness will be their lack of firepower upfront but Germany won’t be the team to expose them. Germany’s failure to win their group will bite them right here. You gotta love Portugal’s midfield — what a crazy talented line-up! Winner: Portugal
  • Croatia vs. Turkey — Croatia won Group B in a minor surprise and arerewarded with Turkey, who made a spectacular comeback (actually 2 of them) to get here. I don’t know much about the Croats so this pick is kind of a toss-up for me but Turkey looks good to me and if they can keep the excitement coming, it should be fun to watch no matter the result. Winner: Turkey
  • Holland vs. Russia — Holland has looked like the team to beat so far this tournament. Russia isn’t widely known but the quality of their league and their players are coming up so this isn’t a gimme for the Dutch. The Dutch aren’t due for their tourney swoon just yet. Winner: Netherlands
  • Spain vs. Italy — This is the match of the round. This could be the cue for the perennial Spanish meltdown. My feeling is that if the Spanish can hold it together here, they will probably take home the trophy but that is a big if. Italy is slowing, however, and their front & mid lines look geriatric and impotent but despite all that, it’s hard picking against them. But the Dutch exposed the Italians as old and slow and the Spanish are just as fast if not faster as Holland and a match-up between Holland and Spain could be the match of the tournament. The Spaniards are weakest in the back line but I don’t think Luca Toni and co. are strong enough to expose them. Winner: Spain


  • Portugal vs Turkey — Portugal
  • Holland vs Spain — As much as I’d like to see a replay of that disgraceful 2006 World Cup tie, I’m picking Spain

Final — Spain over Portugal to win Euro 2008

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