Gone Fishin’

Normally around this time of year, you hear lots of stories about how much of Wall Street is on vacation, junior staff manning the trading desks, etc.  This year, I haven’t heard much vacation talk.  Maybe folks learned a lesson from Jimmy Cayne, who was at a bridge tournament when Bear Stearns began its descent into oblivion.  Nevertheless, I will be taking a few days off. 

When I first started the blog, my intention was for it to encompass a variety of topics from finance to politics to sports & music — basically a few of the (many) areas that interest me.  In reality, the blog has been heavily dominated (and draws the majority of traffic) from stock-based content.  But I think it is important not to narrow thinking patterns, areas of focus and imagination. 

I remember reading this article at the beginning of the year about Samsung and their “value innovation programme.”  In an effort to foster creativity, the giant Korean conglomerate sends some of its top engineers and executives “to put on Viking and bumblebee hats, lie on the floor and throw round ideas without regard for rank, play with Elmo toys and inflatable dolphins, all the while taking polaroids of themselves.”  My old musician-self smirked at this idea that bureaucratic types always seem to have that they can plan or deliberately manage creativity.  Here in Sacramento, the city government has forever tried to revitalize our downtown district but always fail miserably due to trying to control what springs up.

Creativity isn’t something you can pick up in a seminar or on a retreat.  It is a state of mind that needs constant nurturing and a way of life to be fostered continuously.  It’s amorphous and seeminly wild nature has always confounded conservatives and accountant-types, who can’t quantify it and seem to be forever waging a crusade to cut back arts spending and generally focus resources into “more productive arenas.”  But who can deny that there is somewhat of a “creativity premium” in the stock prices of Google or Apple?

So, in my attempts to maintain some level of creativity in my life and not be completely engulfed in revenue streams, cash flows and margins, I will be forcing myself to comment on other topics regularly.  Readers will still get the same in-depth stock analysis and pithy market commentaries you are used to.  You’re just getting additional content.

On that note, here is my list of the 5 albums I’m most likely to be spinning on our road trip:

Books – The Lemon of Pink. 

I’m not a big fan of sampled music but this albums is so beautifully constructed, I don’t even notice after a few songs.  Absolutely brilliant.

Times New Viking – Paisley Reich.

Total retread of lo-fi, 4-track indie rock a la Guided By Voices but it sounds better than any GBV album I’ve ever heard.

Cut Copy – Bright Like Neon Love.

Total 80′s new wave retread but it sounds better than any 80′s new wave album I’ve ever heard.

Pink Reason – Cleaning the Mirror. 

My boss (an ex-college radio DJ) thinks this album is dull as hell and I can understand why. But I find its songs filled with just enough tunefulness to be strangely hypnotic.

Tabu Ley Rochereau – The Voice of Lightness. 

African high-life music always struck me as a better version of Caribbean vacation music, you know, the kind that evokes beaches, cocktails and natives in revealing…uh, wait, the blog isn’t R-rated yet.

As always, be careful out there.

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  1. Chargindy Charker Says:

    id disagree with a couple of the statements but i do think hes still a soft tyranny and will be until the end of the show…

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