He Can’t Be Serious

Disclosure: I support Barack Obama for president.

That said, McCain’s latest attack ad (you know, the one about Paris Hilton & Britney Spears) strains even my jaded sensibilities. Republican elites have long displayed complete disregard for the intelligence of the American electorate (and with good reason) but this argument is completely inane (as a follow-up, both conservative and liberal elites think little of the American public’s intelligence — the difference is one side feels guilty about it).

Obama’s response makes a former political junkie like myself cringe.  Such a tepid, limp-wristed reply almost has me calling for Hillary to be put on the ticket as VP.  During the primary campaign, I couldn’t understand who exactly was running Obama’s communication/response operations and why they weren’t replaced several points along the way.  Also, why didn’t he bring Howard Wolfson onboard after Hillary conceded?  The guy’s a total a**hole bulldog and would have been a great addition to the team.

The perfect response to this attack would be very simple and effective: a commercial briefly listing all of the problems besetting this country (housing, energy, food inflation, healthcare, terrorism, etc) but John McCain would rather talk about Britney Spears.  Throw in a few Bush tie-ins and one controversial, over-the-top statement to ensure it gets free play in the news media and I think you’ll see the McCain campaign shut up about Paris and Britney.

Sorry — sometimes that old campaign hack side comes out.

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