Neverending Slide in ACAS Continues

While the name has changed, the stock price decline remains the same. American Capital (ex-Strategies) has just seen the share price decimated over the last week and I can’t find any information as to why. I know many “value investors” wrap themselves in a cloak of confidence and view these drops as buying opportunities. That [...]

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Small Caps Holding Up Well In Today’s GSE-induced Sell-off

Interesting how the small cap stocks as represented by the Reuters 2000 is holding up: As of 12:10 am EST: Dow = -1.8% Wilshire = -1.6% S&P500 = -1.7% NASDAQ = -1.5% Rueters2000 = 1.0% As an aside, I’m listening to Bloomberg and they cut to the world’s greatest witless wonder, GW Bush. It was [...]

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Review of Current Losing Positions

A few weeks ago, a reader asked me about my current thoughts on Telecom New Zealand (NZT), which, as of 07/01/2008, was down 16.5% since I bought it last year. The blog’s hacking sidetracked me a bit and also, I’ve been “rolling” NZT and its future prospects in my head for a while. But judging [...]

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The Danger of Extrapolating: Teen Fashion Spending Under Pressure; Buffett Calls Stagflation

Bloomberg reports on teens cutting back on clothes purchases amid higher gas prices and worsening job prospects. Back in May, I posted a quick note on American Eagle Outfitters (or click here for the full valuation report in pdf format). In my report, I was a little squishy on my assessment of AEO due to [...]

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