Portfolio Performance: +9.6% YTD through July 2008

Click here to view the spreadsheet containing all disclosures for my complete equity portfolio, including initial entry points, YTD returns, total returns, etc.


  • Enlightened-American Portfolio: +9.6% YTD (including dividends)
  • DJIA: -14.2%
  • Nasdaq: -12.3%
  • S&P 500: -13.7%
  • DJ WIlshire 5000: -12.6%
  • Reuters 2000 (smallcap): -6.7%

Due to the commodities correction currently underway, the portfolio performance has dropped considerably from +18.4% just last month. Currently, the portfolio is +9.6% YTD, mainly on the back of realized gains as our current portfolio holdings are basically flat for the year. This compares favorably to returns of -14% for the Dow Jones Industrial Average and -13% for the broader market as represented by the Wilshire 5000.

Despite the severity of the pullback in energy and materials, I remain bullish on those sectors (but not necessarily buying my current positions). As detailed in the spreadsheet link above, I have opened new put positions in Yamana Gold (AUY) and Talisman Energy (TLM), whose stocks are selling as if oil was in double-digits and gold under $800/oz.

Obviously, the 40% drop in ACAS (partially offset by the 15% gain on the put option) really puts a dent in my concentrated portfolio. The positions I am most concerned with, in order, are 1) ACAS, 2) NZT, & to a much smaller degree, 3) SKM. SK Telecom has already reported earnings that, on first glance, seem okay but their continued efforts to push into the US markets via Sprint-Nextel worry me. I have extensively detailed my worries on American Capital elsewhere. Telecom New Zealand reports earnings next week and I’ll be watching for any further deterioration in their business position.

I remain heavily weighted in cash (40%).  The current pullback in commodities, if it continues, presents an easy opportunity for LONG-TERM investors in these difficult markets.  For other sectors, I am demanding a high margin of safety before opening positions.  The economic perils confronting investors, especially in the US, are much greater than the mainstream media would have us believe.  As such, I am treading very, very carefully.

As always, take in everything with a healthy dose of skepticism (even my blog), do your own due diligence and arrive to your own conclusions. These are my (silly) opinions only and YMMV.

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  1. Kathy Hurley Says:

    I was searching for this type of data and after many unsuccessful keywords I found the data I was looking for 2008. Do you have the data YTD? How much further below -13% and -14% is the market?

    Thanks for any possible insight you have. I am clearly not doing as well as you are. I thought I was balanced with 42% bonds/cash, 12% internatinal, and 48% stocks and yet my portfolio decline seems dramatic.


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