Weekly (Non-)Biking Playlist (2008/08/08)

Quick recommendation for readers: if you have neck trouble, I highly recommend not playing soccer and especially, not heading the ball. Unfortunately, I’m not that smart and as a result, had a bum neck all week. Hence, no biking playlist but still listened to some music and highlights follow below:

Oaxacan - Live @ Luigi’s Fun Garden, Sacramento CA 08/07/2008

One of the most amazing musical experiences in recent memory occurred last night when I caught a show with an improvised-music trio from Oakland called Oaxacan. For the adventurous type, Oaxacan had little hints of influences from Sonny & Linda Sharrock (circa Black Woman) to a little Savage Republic, but really, the soundscape they occupy is pretty much their own. As is the nature of improvised music, I don’t know if the available media capture the full power and prowess of the group but you can visit their myspace page or or check out this footage to get a little flavor:

Jay Reatard - Singles 06-07

Jay Reatard is getting a good push from the indie rock hype machine and so of course, being a contrarian, I didn’t want to like this album. But it’s pretty irresistible. Pretty straightforward catchy punk/glam/whatever rock songs — really, how can you go wrong with that? I get the feeling that in a different era, Jay R. would have had a job in Tin Pan Alley because most of these songs are really just pop songs with a little fuzz on top. As the name implies, this album is a collection of singles before he signed to the big indie label, Matador and so it’s a little uneven. This would have been great for biking.

The Hospitals - Hairdryer Peace

I’ve seen this group play a few times back in the day. They were a confrontational, kinda thrashy/trashy rock band and I wasn’t into them much. But I can’t stop listening to this record — imbued with a noisy ambience washing over fuzzy melodies, rhythms and barely discernible vocals. You can order the vinyl LP (the underground likes to do it old-school) direct from the band.

As always, be safe out there.

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