Weekly Biking Playlist: Layoff Edition (2008/10/17)

Hard times, indeed, as I was laid off yesterday.  We were bought out by another company and they decided to close my department.  I guess I’ll have more time to blog while looking for employment.  In fact, I will celebrate my new-found idleness with a two-part post updating my investment strategy and tactics this weekend.

If any readers out there are in need of a research associate or some similar help, please feel free to contact me at dvb-AT-enlightened-american.com (replace the “-AT-” with @).

In the meantime, if I’ve got no income cash flow, trying to staunch capital loss sounds like a good idea.  With that mind, here’s this week’s playlist:

Charlie Rose - 2008/10/10 show: Update on Financial Crisis w/ Peter Thiel & some useless media types

Peter Thiel heads up the Clarium Capital macro hedge fund which has been successful until very recently.  While he is not a value investor, I have always found his insights into global fundamentals quite thoughtful, even if I don’t necessarily agree.  Unfortunately, Rose gives too much time to the talking heads from CNBC, Bloomberg, WaPo in this segment.  Thiel makes a little-noted point that the US economy is fundamentally flawed, not only with its misallocation of financial capital, but especially with its human capital.  But the money quote comes when Rose asks Thiel what smart money is doing these days.  Thiel replies that the key question isn’t whether the markets have bottomed (who knows?) but rather, which assets will have fundamental value going forward?  Stay tuned later for my answers to that question.

Jay Reatard - Blood Visions

Reatard recently released a new singles compilation on Matador Records but I’m just getting around to listening to this older release.  I assure you that nothing is more fitting for my last week of biking to work.  There’s nothing new here under the sun — just fast, loud, catchy garage-y, punk pop songs.  But Reatard does it better than almost anyone else.

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  1. jason Says:

    You do great work, and you have the guts to publish it. I have every confidence that you’ll find a new and better role very soon. Any portfolio manager would be lucky to have you. I would hire you if I could.


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