Weekly Biking Playlist: Layoff Edition (2008/10/17)

Hard times, indeed, as I was laid off yesterday.  We were bought out by another company and they decided to close my department.  I guess I’ll have more time to blog while looking for employment.  In fact, I will celebrate my new-found idleness with a two-part post updating my investment strategy and tactics this weekend. [...]

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How Does The Global Financial Crisis Affect The Peak Oil Thesis?

Michael Shedlock has a great post on the recent slide on oil prices.  Shedlock has been predicting a deflationary scenario as a consequence of the credit bust even when commodities reached all-time record highs earlier in the year.  Due to oil’s rapid descent past his $70 target, Shedlock is now predicting possible $50 – $60 [...]


Anybody Have Some Good Drugs?

This market is probably literally driving people to the bottle (or worse). A couple of random thoughts: Just caught Jeremy Siegel, a supposed investing guru, on CNBC a few moments ago and I’m now of the opinion that this guy’s investing viewpoints are nearly worthless.  I remember him on Bloomberg facing off against David Tice months ago sounding [...]

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Nam Tai Electronics (NTE) Investment Brief

Part 1 – Overview (below) Part 2 – Risks & Upside Part 3 – Valuation & Assessment More on this topic (What's this?) Nam Tai (NTE): Cash-rich trade (Blogging Stocks, 3/28/09) NTE (Samurai Trader, 11/5/12) Nam Tai Electronics, Inc. Q3 2010 EPS $.17 (Benzinga, 11/1/10) Read more on Nam Tai Electronics at Wikinvest

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Portfolio Performance: -0.4% YTD through September 2008

Click here to view the spreadsheet containing all disclosures for my complete equity portfolio, including initial entry points, YTD returns, total returns, etc. THE ENLIGHTENED-AMERICAN PORTFOLIO SPREADSHEET Enlightened-American Portfolio: -0.4% YTD (including dividends) DJIA: -18.2% Nasdaq: -21.5% S&P 500: -20.7% DJ WIlshire 5000: -20.0% Reuters 2000 (smallcap): -11.3%


Warren Buffett = Extortionist? Loan Shark?

Once again, Buffett picks up a sweetheart deal, this time at GE, with the same terms apparently as his Goldman Sachs investment.  $3B in perpetual preferred shares @ 10% yield + warrants to purchase $3B in stock (I don’t know what the strike price is on these $22.25 at any time during a 5-year period).  [...]

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