Favorite Music of 2008

With the horrendous year we’ve just closed out, it’s easy to forget that other areas of interest exist in this life. I feel it is absolutely vital to keep myself grounded in other interests outside the financial markets for several reasons.  Mostly, it keeps Davy from being too dull of a boy but also, being [...]

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Happy Holidays

As the holiday events keep piling up, I’ve slowed my posting down in recent days.  I may post a few times between now and 2009 but for the most part, I’m going to take a little break.  I’ll probably have an exciting announcement when I come back so stay tuned. I’d like to thank readers [...]

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Will CHK Outperform USO?

A question from Fletcher: “Hey Davy, I enjoy reading your material. I am interested in putting some money into oil, specifically USO. I see you that you really like CHK. Do you see CHK outperforming an oil ETF like USO in the future 1-2 years?” More on this topic (What's this?) (USO) Will The Price [...]

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Media Appearance: Commodities Bubble & Chesapeake Energy

I did a podcast interview with Derek Simon at iStockAnalyst. We discussed a variety of subjects from my blog to oil prices and a little discussion re CHK: http://www.istockanalyst.com/podcast/podcast.xml (Dec 15 2008 podcast) It’s been a few years since I’ve done any media appearances (back in my political days). I’m not eager to listen to [...]


Public Enemy No. 1: Unions

The ideological bias (and at times, hypocrisy) inherent in the financial markets and media can be suffocating during moments like the recently concluded UAW press conference on the heels of the auto bailout failure. Watching allegedly knowledgeable people come on CNBC or Bloomberg and just spout talking-point nonsense is disappointing. For background, I have worked [...]


Bonds, Convertibles And The US Dollar

Last week, a reader, Jason, posted a comment regarding the attractiveness of corporate bonds vs. convertibles in the context of the US$. I’ve been pondering his comment for a week now and would like to post my thoughts on the subject. In fact, if I had heeded Jason’s previous comments regarding ACAS, I could have [...]