Weekly Playlist: Welcome Back FT / UFC edition (2009/01/31)

What a way to start off the year in the markets, eh?  But the weekly playlist posts aren’t outlets for market commentary so readers will have to wait until the portfolio spreadsheet is posted tomorrow or Monday.  I should also have an exciting announcement soon as well. Regular readers (I do love me some regular [...]

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Blogging The Bears: A Book Review In 4 Parts (Part 2 – 1929 thru 1932)

In dedication to today’s awesome bear, I continue my Blogging the Bears series. Other parts in the series: Part 1 contains my bullet point summary of the book and the 1921 bear market. Part 2 details the 1929 – 1932 bear market. Part 3 describes the 1949 post-WWII bear bottom. Part 4 summarizes the 1982 [...]


Freeport McMoran Reassures With Latest Update

Readers can dig into all the gory numbers from the company’s press release, so here’s a brief summary of key items: Freeport McMoran (FCX) managed to generate $201M in operating cash flow (OCF) on realized metals prices of $1.55 copper, $818 gold and $24.55 molybdenum. While the moly price has fallen further to $9/lb, Q4′s [...]

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How Buffett Has Failed the True Test of Leadership

I recently finished reading the new Buffett biographay, Snowball. I’m not going to write a proper review of it as I didn’t enjoy the book much and am not sure if my views on it would be helpful for those who are considering the book. Perhaps it was my own expectation that prevented me from [...]


Weekly Playlist: Getting Old Edition (2009/01/24)

A month into the new year before I actually post a weekly playlist — just awful. As I’m sure most of you know, when schedules get busy, things lower on the priority list get dropped which I think is a mistake on my part. Actually, the mistake isn’t that lower-priority items get dropped but that [...]

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Exited Nam Tai Position

I’ve noticed a few web searches hitting my site for Nam Tai Electronics (NTE) so here’s a heads-up that I sold NTE near the beginning of January @ $6.23.  The portfolio spreadsheet will be updated accordingly at the end of the month. Here’s my previously unpublished notes on NTE’s last earnings release (when it was [...]

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