123rd Edition of The Festival of Stocks

Welcome to the january 12th, 2009 edition of the Festival of Stocks, hosted this week by the Enlightened American site.  Below, you’ll find a selection of posts covering a wide array of topics in investing and personal finance.  You can find more information on the Festival of Stocks here.

For new visitors, my blog focuses mostly on stocks, with some detours into politics, sports and music.  From an investing standpoint, I strive for a value-based discipline and seek stocks selling at a minimum 25% (preferably 40% or more) discount to my perceived intrinsic valuation.  Please feel free to look around.

My contribution to this week’s festival is a skeptical look at Jason Zweig’s recent WSJ column about J. Ezra Merkin, the former Chairman of GMAC, hedge fund manager and contributor to the latest edition of Ben Graham’s value investing classic, Security Analysis 6th ed.


Dogs of the Dow at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity
* Editor’s Choice *
Jim gives a handy introduction to the Dogs of the Dow strategy.
Stocks: BOA, GE, PFE, DD, AA, T, KFT, VZ, MRK, JPM


Stock Analysis: PepsiCo, Inc. (PEP) at Dividends4Life
* Editor’s Choice *
D4L presents a nice quantitative case for Pepsico (PEP). As you may have guessed, he really likes dividends.
Stocks: PEP

Magic Formula Stock Review: Lorillard Inc (LO) at MagicDiligence
* Editor’s Choice *
Lorillard owns the Newport cigarette brand, which has the highest market share of all menthol cigarettes. This is a fine Magic Formula pick, with durable brand advantages, strong financial metrics, and a healthy dividend.
Stocks: LO

New York Times at Barel Karsan
Saj Karsan calls value trap on NYT.
Stocks: NYT

Magic Formula Stocks On The Move 1-04-09 at Contrarian Value Investing
Joel Greenblatt’s Magic Formula stocks is a favorite hunting ground for many value investors. Alex tracks some of the stocks making moves. KHD is a stock I’ve been keeping an eye on but am a bit wary of China-related stocks since my CHCG experience

Gazprom (GAZP:RX) – willing investors? at Intelligent Speculator
A basic introduction to Gazprom. It is traded over the counter here in the US.
Stocks: OGZPY

Satyam Accounting Fraud Exposed at Old School Value
Jae Jun tries to detect the accounting fraud after the fact. As I understand it from separate sources, this fraud would have been nearly impossible to detect from the financial statements. Creative accounting is one thing; making up numbers with a comatose auditor is another altogether.
Stocks: SAY

Ken Fisher’s Latest Stock Picks at Praveen
Praveen reviews Fisher’s reasons for being bullish on stocks as well as 5 stock picks. If you ever see Fisher on TV, he’s always doing this strange thing with his hands, like he’s trying to create fireball and throw it at you. It’s funny.


Alternative investing – Looking for Climax at StockWeb
Vlada Kynsky talks about “trade climax relation” and his bullish view on British Pound against Euro.
Stocks: FXB, FXE

That does it for this week’s edition.  Submit your blog article to the next edition of festival of stocks using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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