Weekly Playlist: Getting Old Edition (2009/01/24)

A month into the new year before I actually post a weekly playlist — just awful. As I’m sure most of you know, when schedules get busy, things lower on the priority list get dropped which I think is a mistake on my part. Actually, the mistake isn’t that lower-priority items get dropped but that sometimes, items are mistakingly identified as low-priority.

Personally, it is imperative for me to maintain some semblance of balance in my life. I am naturally obsessive and if I’m into something, I can literally talk for days on it. I tend to consume my current obsessions, get bored or burned out and move on to the next obsession.

But investing (and life) is not a 40-year dash; it’s a perpetual marathon and I need to pace myself. I also believe that I make better decisions if I can step back a bit. Following the markets 24/7 doesn’t allow me to get the necessary perspective. I guess 18/6 will just have to do.

So I’m going to make a concerted effort to keep up these playlists, for my own benefit if no one else’s.

This book is my absolute number one priority this weekend.  I’ve put all other reading, including newspapers, on hold until I’ve finished this book.  It simply takes me too much time to get through my reading and I needed to do something to speed it up.  I’m probably a little faster than most people when it comes to reading the common way but that’s not fast enough.  I’ll let readers know of results when done.

The Whitest Boy Alive – Dreams

My wife is a huge fan of this band called Kings of Convenience, who I think are just OK — really mellow acoustic, indie-folk stuff.  Anyway, I came across this band that has the same singer and downloaded it from eMusic for here.  Turns out we both love it.  It’s got this mellow, loungey, indie-funk feel but with Erlend Oye’s laid-back vocals and a tiny bit of Velvet Underground via Luna rave-out vibe to it.  I probably wouldn’t have listened to this twice five years ago but then again, I haven’t listened to a free jazz album all the way through in nearly as long (since I stopped playing sax due to health reasons).

The Flight of the Conchords, Season 1

This show is pretty great for folks with a college radio, hipster background but are all grown up now.  It amazes me that the writers are able to compose 2 songs per show, some of them pretty great.  Funny in a subtle, clever manner vs. laugh-out loud way.  Five years ago, I didn’t even have a TV.  Now it’s Netflix and DVR — the perils of age and marriage, my friends.

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