Weekly Playlist: Welcome Back FT / UFC edition (2009/01/31)

What a way to start off the year in the markets, eh?  But the weekly playlist posts aren’t outlets for market commentary so readers will have to wait until the portfolio spreadsheet is posted tomorrow or Monday.  I should also have an exciting announcement soon as well.

Regular readers (I do love me some regular readers) know I was laid off from my job a few months back.  Shed no tears for me — I could hardly be more pleased.  One of the main drawbacks of working full-time while following markets as closely as I do is the priorities I had to set with my time.  Ultimately, I felt compelled to cut my daily newspaper to either the Financial Times or Wall Street Journal; I simply couldn’t squeeze in both.

The FT is my favorite periodical but I went with WSJ because it had more company-focused news. Rupert Murdoch has made some subtle changes which has lowered its quality, IMO.  For instance, the paper seems to feature fewer stories that, while off the beaten path, help readers glean deeper insights into the world out there. I recall one in particular detailing an Indian grocery magnate who purposely went through the aisles of his stores and messed them up.  Apparently, Indian consumers prefer the chaotic, bazaar-like environment as opposed to the sterilized Western market.  Anyway, nowadays, those off-beat stories seem forced and less relevant while the front section is stuffed full with politics, which I simply don’t need as there are better sources for political news and insight.

In any event, I am pleased to have resumed my FT subscription this week.  Besides, the “pink” (salmon, really) paper and the culture sections make the FT way cooler than WSJ (I don’t care how much WSJ features Vampire Weekend or M.I.A.).


The Hunches – Yes. No. Shut It. & Exit Dreams

I discovered their 1st album, Yes.No.Shut It. sometime last year.  Don’t really know how I missed (actually, yeah, I do) but the point is fans of catchy, propulsive garage rock have got to hear this band. Tastes vary and all but if you follow the link for the first record, don’t pay any attention to the negative review — this stuff is great.  It’s not going to sound all clean and sterile, like say the White Stripes, but for those who want to get closer to the edge, this is it.  The new album, Exit Dreams, is available on Amazon but for some reason, the record label has no mention of it.  I’d really like to get the vinyl for this release but may have to cave in if the label dawdles much longer.

Tonight’s UFC predictions:

Georges St. Pierre vs. B.J. Penn

I know GSP out-pointed BJ in the first fight but really, I felt BJ kicked his ass. I’m not sure GSP has ever been in there with someone who’s vastly superior in striking than he is but BJ really punched his lights out last time.  GSP is one of the best wrestlers in the UFC, which may allow him to rack up judges points but BJ’s got crazy takedown defense though I think his jiu-jitsu may be a tad overrated.  It’s a five round fight so we’ll see how BJ’s cardio holds up.  I think this is more of a pick-em but the way I see it is GSP by lay & pray or BJ stops it.  With a gun to my head, I’m going Penn.

Lyoda Machida vs. Thiago Silva

This is a tough one to call, too.  I’ve seen a few Machida fights but still don’t have a good handle on him as a fighter.  Silva is tough, cocky and mean.  I’ll go w/ Machida, who seems more tactical and cerebral in the ring.

Don’t really have much of an opinion on the other fights other than Diaz over Clay Guida.

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