Strange Happenings In The Currency Markets

Quick note that there’s no screen this week as I release my portfolio spreadsheet tomorrow evening. The weekend’s Financial Times carried an article on the carry trade: “Carry Trade Makes Comeback.” I doubt fx markets will go back to pre-2008 conditions where the yen carry trade is so prominent but there is massive uncertainty in [...]

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History Suggests Markets May Suffer Further

In yesterday’s Financial Times, John Authers penned an in-depth article questioning the notion of “stocks for the long run” (never did like that Jeremy Siegel) and setting off some discussion among market bloggers. I’ve never paid much attention to general market theories and a study can be devised to support any hypothesis – value, growth/momentum, [...]

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Screening For Ben Graham Net-Net Bargains is a site dedicated to delving into professional money managers’ every real-time portfolio move. I know that my 13-F posts are among the most popular for my blog so readers may find the services at useful as well.  I took the opportunity to run one of their premium screens, the Benjamin Graham Net [...]


Self-Important Journalists

I recently expressed my rather low opinion of the mainstream news media but for readers who want some balance on the issue, I present this link to a New York Times (NYT) editorial titled, “The Daily Me.” The author’s point is similar to other arguments that online media and user-edited repositories like Wikipedia are harmful [...]


Screening For Opportunities In Debt-Laden Companies

Most analysts are pushing companies with rock-solid balance sheets to deal with the current global economic crisis. Thus, the contrarian might wonder if opportunity lurks in companies in disfavor due to high debt levels. Of course, many companies will default under their heavy debt burden so I sought companies with high debt levels but strong [...]

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Two Words On Why Newpapers Are Dying: They Suck

For some reason, I get the Sacramento Bee delivered every Saturday even though I didn’t order it and have little respect for the paper. Nevertheless, I noticed a front-page article on China’s “tough talk” on the U.S. fiscal situation. Penned by Kevin G. Hall, this piece reminded me why I don’t read the Sac Bee. [...]

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