The Misleading Campaign to Discredit Buy and Hold

Today’s Wall Street Journal continues the seemingly coordinated effort to invalidate buy-and-hold investment strategies with yet another article discussing “professional” advisers ditching buy-and-hold for market timing approaches. It seems not a day passes without some hack commenting that today’s markets have turned everyone into traders or that buy-and-hold no longer works. I even had a [...]


Wall Street Journal Mum On Battle Over Mortgage Cramdowns

Whether conspiracy or something else, I have noticed a strange silence from the Wall Street Journal on a story the Financial Times has covered at least three times in the last two days: Clash Looms Over US Mortgage Aid Bond Investors Step Up Campaign Against Mortgage Securities Bill Investors Take Fifth in Fight to Come [...]


Transports Put the Lie To “Green Shoots”

When I first started blogging in late 2006, the economic buzzwords were “soft landing” and its close cousin, “Goldilocks economy.” People were waking up to the fact that housing was overpriced but allegedly, these problems would be “contained” to subprime borrowers and the economy would not be overly affected. Most mainstream financial pundits from journalists [...]

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Klarman Energy Pick Runs Into Credit Crisis Buzzsaw

Even the masters misstep from time to time. Breitburn Energy Partners, LP (BBEP) has fallen 36% this morning as a result of the credit crisis. Find the company press release here but in a nutshell, the company has a provision in its credit agreements that subject it to redeterminations of its base borrowing amount. As [...]


UFC 97 Redemption Picks

Another UFC card, another attempt at picks. Looking forward to tonight’s card and Anderson Silva’s redemption after that jokey performance he gave last time out against Patrick Cote. All odds from Middleweight Championship: Anderson Silva (-600) vs. Thales Leites (+350) Leites is a pretty weak challenger with a less than impressive resume leading up [...]

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Don’t Believe Everything You Read

For those unconvinced of bias and propoganda in “respectable” news sources, I present the following articles from today’s print editions on the same subject matter: Wall Street Journal : “Housing, Jobless-Claims Data Point to Bottoming” [$] Financial Times: “Fall in Home Starts Dents Hopes of an End to US Slump” Both articles ran in the [...]

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