Don’t Believe Everything You Read

For those unconvinced of bias and propoganda in “respectable” news sources, I present the following articles from today’s print editions on the same subject matter:

Both articles ran in the “hard” news section (i.e. not the fantasy editorial pages) of the papers but the tone couldn’t be more different. ┬áThe WSJ article was written by their new Fed conduit, Sudeep Reddy, which may explain its more positive view.

While many still deride the blogosphere as a wasteland of blow-hard opinion and subjectivity, discerning readers realize that even “objective” news media is subject to bias, nuance and yes, propaganda. I am not advocating readers abandon newspapers altogether; to the contrary, I religiously read the business dailies. But always read with a skeptical eye and an awareness that what masquerades as news is often someone else’s perspective or agenda. Just because an item is printed in the newspaper does not make it true.

The same goes triple for broadcast media — see Fox News (or MSNBC, for that matter, though only one tries to masquerade as “fair and balanced”).

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