Marc Faber Speculates On US Hyperinflation

Here’s the Bloomberg link to the 23 minute interview: Faber Sees U.S. Inflation Approaching Zimbabwe Levels It seems infathomable to see gazillion billion percent inflation here in the US but then again, a few years ago, the same would have been said of the carnage on Wall Street. In actuality, Faber spends relatively little time [...]

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Two For Two On the Footie Front

FC Barcelona are your 2009 Champions League winners with a surprisingly dominant performance over the favored Manchester United. Barca won despite a makeshift backline due to injuries and suspensions and with no true standout performance even though Xavi won Man of the Match. Frankly, I don’t know what happened to ManU — that’s not the [...]

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Bruce Berkowitz, Mohnish Pabrai and Bob Rodriguez 2009 Q1 13F Filings

Continuing the theme I discussed yesterday with Seth Klarman and Meryl Witmer’s filings, Bruce Berkowitz’s Fairholme Capital was strangely subdued (here’s the spreadsheet) despite the early March market plunge: As with Klarman and Witmer, no new positions added (according to the 13F — remember, incomplete information) despite new bear market lows. Instead, it seemed Berkowitz [...]

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Seth Klarman, Meryl Witmer & David Einhorn 2009 Q1 13F Filings

This quarter’s filings are particularly interesting because they encompass the most recent bear market low which occurred in early March. So without further adieu, here are my thoughts on the filings for Klarman, Witmer and Einhorn. You can view Baupost’s portfolio changes in spreadsheet view using this link: Strangely enough, Klarman did not add a [...]


Q1 2009 13F Portfolio Holdings

Hey folks, apologies for the tardiness on the 13F filings. We’re currently moving into our first home and that has taken a bit of time. I will examine them over the weekend and publish my comments next week but submit the spreadsheet links below for readers.  Marty Whitman’s filing was slightly incomplete so I substituted [...]


Bullish Miller Bets Against Whitney with Tice and Rogers Also Bearish

The markets seem caught between improving sentiment and a slumping economy. After last week’s finale to the masterfully executed stress test propaganda, the markets are waiting for a catalyst from either the bear or bull side to ignite the next move. Below is a survey of some professional opinions on the state of the markets: [...]

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