Big Announcement

I’m pleased to announce that I have reached an agreement to join Complete Growth Investor, LLC (CGI).

CGI is ostensibly an investment newsletter service but if it were just hawking newsletters, I doubt we would be working together. In truth, CGI is closer to a community than a tipsheet. Run by former top Motley Fool analyst, Tom Jacobs, CGI has built a wonderful following over the last five years by emphasizing research, education and customer service.

I have subscribed to many newsletters over my investing journey — Stephen Leeb’s Complete Investor, Agora’s Outstanding Investments + Capital & Crisis, Value Line, various Motley Fool and Morningstar offerings. I found all of them wanting for similar reasons: lack of detailed research and a feeling that I wasn’t getting their best ideas in a timely manner, if at all. They all promise to teach their readers the nuts and bolts of investing but of course, rarely deliver on this promise. Perhaps they felt threatened that empowered subscribers would be former subscribers.

CGI outperforms on all these counts.

Their stock reports are institutional-level research reports, not some bedtime story attached to a buy recommendation.  Don’t take my word for it; go get a free stock report and judge for yourself. If regular readers enjoy my research, consider that I may be lowering the bar over at CGI!

Subscribers have access to great educational, in-depth reports describing subjects like free cash flow and naked put options among others. In addition, members can go to the forums and have access to all of the staff to clarify any questions or interact with other subscribers. The Enlightened American was always premised on empowering readers and CGI shares this sentiment.

Finally, all portfolio services offered are backed by real-money accounts so subscribers don’t have to wonder if they’re getting the best ideas at the right time. CGI is completely transparent.

Currently, Tom Jacobs and I have soft-launched Blueprint Investor, a basic investing and personal finance service geared toward new investors or folks who don’t necessarily want to follow the markets every day.

In the coming weeks, CGI will be launching a new service — CGI Macro Opportunity: Value Without Boundaries — managed by yours truly. It will resemble the portfolio and research currently found on the blog but with some notable improvements:

  • All trades will be communicated in real-time; in fact, most trade notices will be sent before I actually get to buy them due to the 24-hour waiting period policy at CGI.
  • Subscribers will receive ALL OF MY RESEARCH THE MOMENT I FINISH TYPING THE LAST PERIOD. They may still even have grammatical errors! I do not publish on the blog every research report I write and some reports appear months after I’ve completed them.
  • Members gain access to my watchlist and intriguing prospects. While my portfolio has done well over the years, I’ve passed over many high-gain stocks as well. Subscribers buy newsletters to get ideas. When you buy my service, you get all of my ideas, including the ones I don’t buy.

So what happens to the blog? Believe it or not, not much! We will be moving over to the CGI website after it is redesigned and I will continue writing this blog. The only sizable change is my portfolio will no longer be disclosed or discussed publicly. Later today, I will post the final update to my portfolio. Other than that, the Enlightened American Blog will soldier on.

Finally, I want to thank all of the readers over the years for your patronage. After all, if one man blogs into the ether and no one reads it, does it make any difference? I spend much time researching the stocks and enjoy sharing it with readers. In fact, it was difficult to hold back some research from you and I am happy to have an arrangement that will allow me to share everything with readers and eke out a living at the same time.

The new service will be priced at $199 annually, $159 for current CGI subscribers. As a sign of my appreciation, I’d like to offer my loyal blog readers a reduced subscription price of $129, locked in for the life of your subscription. . My offer is good until we start marketing the service. Simply email me: dvb @ (remove the spaces) and let me know.

Thanks for reading.

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  2. Sivaram Velauthapillai Says:

    Congratulations… Good luck with your endeavour and all the best…

  3. Tim Says:

    Hi Davy

    Glad you are continuing the blog. I have been a avid follower.

    All the best

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