James Grant: “Nothing Is Inherently Safe.”

James Grant of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer put in an extended appearance on Bloomberg’s Taking Stock program this afternoon. You can find the clip here. With the recent recovery in credit markets, Grant is pulling back some from his “supercredit” portfolio, recommended in December 2008. He also sees currency debasement as an inevitability, due to [...]

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Looking For Solid, Growing Companies In A Recession

In dedication to my recent posts on value investing vs. trading strategies, I decided to focus this week’s screen to the market’s favorite word: growth. Specifically, the criteria used was positive revenue growth for the next fiscal year. Of course, this does not translate to earnings growth but management teams should have figured out there’s [...]

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Another View On Buy-And-Hold

Michael “Mish” Shedlock writes a widely followed blog on macro economic and market trends called Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis (that’s a mouthful). You’ll find it in my blogroll, which means I read it regularly. Well, Mish weighs in with his thoughts on long-term buy-and-hold: Long-term Buy-and-Hold Is Still Bad Obviously, Mish has a different [...]


Bernanke A “National Hero”?

Apparently, the propaganda has begun to build around our current Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, as evidenced by this small blurb in the morning’s Financial Times: Challenges Mount For ‘National Hero’ Bernanke Of course, the gushing comments come from two prominent figures of the short-sighted, slash-and-burn corporate America that rules over our country: Jack Welch and [...]

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Meet The New President, Same As The Last

That’s what Barry Ritholtz over at the Big Picture is calling our President: Barack W. Obama. Ritholtz sees little difference between Obama’s financial sector polices and those of his predecessor. Speaking as a supporter of Obama during the election campaign, I must agree with Ritholtz. The Obama administration has neutered every attempt at serious reform [...]

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Dennis Gartman Idiotically Insults Buffett

I have long held the view that a person’s judgment or criticism is more a reflection of that person than it is a reflection on the subject being criticized. My jury on Dennis Gartman, of The Gartman Letter and CNBC/Bloomberg fame, had been out until this piece on the Wall Street Journal website: Gartman: Warren Buffett [...]