A Relapsed Value Investor

Fair or not, that is how I view Jason Zweig, the weekly writer of the Wall Street Journal’s Intelligent Investor. Before he got his gig at the Journal, Zweig was familiar to many value investors for his in-depth commentary in the revised edition of Benjamin Graham’s seminal investment tome for the layman, The Intelligent Investor. But [...]


News Round-Up

Many days, the newspapers’ front pages blast eye-grabbing headlines in heavy, bold print but carry little heft in content. Many of the stories that truly affect investors are buried further in the papers, if they make it in there at all. Today’s Wall Street Journal carries several items of interest for investors: More on this [...]

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Harvard Beating A Retreat

I recently finished reading the latest edition of David Swenen’s Pioneering Portfolio Management, a book that deals primarily with asset allocation from an institutional/endowment perspective. A review is coming soon but today’s Wall Street Journal carries a related article: Harvard Endowment Regroups [$] In the face of a 30% loss last year, new investment boss, [...]


Q2 2009 Portfolio Holdings for Bruce Berkowitz, Mohnish Pabrai, and Bob Rodriguez

The Fairholme Fund have bounced back nicely in 2009, showing a 30% gain for the year. Quick summary follows but you can view Berkowitz’s portfolio moves in this spreadsheet. Their new positions seem to indicate that Berkowitz has changed his mind regarding some lukewarm comments about Berkshire Hathaway’s low growth potential a while back. He [...]

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Seth Klarman, Marty Whitman & David Einhorn 2009 Q2 13F Filings

With the recent market rally, 2009 Q2 13F filings hold the allure of possibly yielding some indication as to what these respected managers may think of the rally. You can view Seth Klarman and Baupost’s hedge fund portfolio changes in spreadsheet form:. As always, the caveat with Klarman’s 13F filings is that Baupost plays in [...]


Q2 2009 13F Hedge Fund Portfolio Holdings

Meryl Witmer’s filing under Eagle Value Partners is puzzling as it contains only two stocks — I am unaware of any pertinent factors that may explain this filing so if readers have more knowledge than I, please clue us in. In any case, I have excluded Witmer’s filing but am please to bring back Marty [...]