Taking Shelter From The US Dollar

With Marc Faber making the rounds and predicting that the US$ will go to zero, this week’s screen for foreign stocks seems particularly timely. Unfortunately, investors looking to make a move now must contend with a very weak dollar, which makes overseas stocks more expensive. The specific criteria I used are listed below: (Domestic / [...]


Wall Street’s Recovery Still Unconfirmed

We are in the midst of earnings season and beyond the handful of companies with economic moats, there is little evidence to support Wall Street’s view that economic recovery is underway. The dichotomy between the financial world and the real world was one of the main culprits which led to the crisis of 2008. Unfortunately, [...]

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Using Analysts as Contrarian Signals

Investors imbue analysts with high levels of credibility at their own risk. Wall Street analysts communicate in their own cryptic language that may impersonate English but rarely means what it says. When is a buy a buy and a hold a sell? In his book, Full of Bull, former Wall Street analyst, Stephen McClellan, divulges [...]


Reckoning Day for US Dollar Coming Next Year

No, Peter Schiff is not Japanese. The strategist predicting the dollar’s imminent demise is Daisuke Uno, who works at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. You can find details at Bloomberg but Uno is basing his prediction on Elliot Wave theory and claims this next move down in the dollar is the culmination of the super-cycle that’s [...]

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Contrast In Approach: Bill Miller vs. Warren Buffett

The folks at Legg Mason must have some pull as Bill Miller features are making the rounds this week: Bloomberg: Legg Mason’s Miller Helps Win Clients as Returns Rise Barron’s: It’s Miller Time The Barron’s article, in particular, seemed embarrassingly gushy for a manager who ranks in the 99th percentile for fund managers over 3 [...]

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Is Cheap Growth Still Available After Rally?

This was the theme behind my latest stock screen. After the massive run-up, investors need to be careful that laggards were not left behind for good reason. So I screened for cheap stocks relative to their expected growth rates while requiring high return on assets (ROA) and return on equity (ROE).  I added an additional [...]

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