Do The Right Thing: Walk Away

Since I am based in California, much of the past season’s holiday conversation covered an unfortunate topic: the housing market. More specifically, we had more than a few family and friends in various stages of mortgage distress, from being underwater to walking away. Some people were slightly embarrassed about their situation but in an era [...]


Obama Pays The Price For Impotence

The upset results of the Massachusetts US Senate special election are being widely dissected by pundits looking for explanations and ramifications coming out of this election. The obvious culprit  is “Obamacare” but as with most things in life, the explanation is not so singular. However, make no mistake: President Obama bears nearly full blame for [...]


Stock Screen: Dogs of the Dow

The Dogs of the Dow strategy seems to be a popular topic as Barron’s ran a feature article on the 2010 batch a few days after I ran this screen for premium members. Readers can find some useful background and historical results information from the Barron’s site [$]. The Dogs of the Dow is a [...]

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Stock Screen: Stocks Priced Below Net Cash

View the results of this stock screen in spreadsheet format. In any endeavor, it is imperative to recognize any biases or blind spots that may encumber us. My screening process is heavily oriented toward cash flowing companies. It is hard to go wrong with buying strong cash-generating companies at cheap prices. But I recognize that [...]

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Who’s The Sucker? It Could Be You

Today’s Wall Street Journal carried an article on the outlook for 2010 IPO’s and how private-equity exits may comprise a large number of new issues coming to market. I could not help but be reminded of another IPO, not of a private-equity sponsored firm, but of an actual private equity firm — in fact, the [...]

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Opportunistic Coat-tailing Stock Screen

My latest stock screen post is now available on, where I am a contributor. From time to time, I will be publishing exclusive posts at that site. In the latest screen, I look at picks of respected value investors which have lagged since being bought by those managers. You can find the post here: [...]

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