Opportunities In Healthcare Stocks

Another week, another ride — in this case, a ride up as the major indices got back to even on the year and erased 2010 losses. Since most stocks enjoyed gains last week, a fair number of stocks dropped off our watchlist and a few saw double-digit gains. However, we must remain unaffected by the [...]

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The Ultimate Refi Risk: US Govt

In a case of be careful what you ask for, Bloomberg looks at US Treasury yields, the government’s borrowing cost, running at record lows: Deficits Don’t Matter as Geithner Gets Lowest Yield. I am reminded of the famous Eagles song, “Hotel California” and the line about checking out but never leaving. But perhaps the more [...]


Trading Range Leads To Stockpicker’s Market

The market’s refusal to set on a clear course in either direction demonstrates the level of uncertainty now confronting the economy and investors. Whereas many pundits had previously posited economic recovery was clearly at hand, the latest round of economic data and indicators are forcing a double-take at such a hastily drawn conclusion. Today, the [...]

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Rally In Remission?

THE ENLIGHTENED-AMERICAN PORTFOLIO SPREADSHEET Enlightened-American Portfolio: -1.2% through May, 2010 (my actual IRR, including cash balance) DJIA: -6.3% Nasdaq: -7.0% S&P 500: -7.6% DJ Wilshire 5000: -6.5% Russell 2000 (smallcap): -3.9% Even as our portfolio drifts into negative territory, our performance gap relative to all the major indices widens this month. And while relative performance [...]

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