Screening for Out-of-Favor Bargains

Zacks is a well-known investment research service that favors earnings momentum in determining its stock ratings. Since disappointing earnings often serves as the catalyst for undervalued stocks, it may behoove us to comb through Zacks’ out-of-favor stocks (as indicated by a Zacks Rank of 4+) in search of opportunity. To narrow down the list and [...]


Fat Pitches Few And Far Between

Another positive week for markets meant most stocks, including those on our watchlist, saw gains in share prices, leaving us on the sidelines once again. This week, I’d also like to direct members toward this Bloomberg article: Akre Adding Cash Joins Stock Pickers Looking Beyond Valuations In addition to noting these professionals’ movement toward a [...]

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Monthly Commentary: Wild Market Swings Continue

THE ENLIGHTENED-AMERICAN PORTFOLIO SPREADSHEET Enlightened-American Portfolio: +6.3% through Oct 1, 2010 (my actual IRR, including cash balance) DJIA: +3.9% Nasdaq: +4.5% S&P 500: +2.8% DJ Wilshire 5000: +4.4% Russell 2000 (smallcap): +7.1% Any worries about a September market dip  were heartily misplaced, with all the major indices racing to big gains. While many investors may [...]

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