Portfolio Update


  • Enlightened-American Portfolio: +6.3% through Apr 6th, 2011 (my actual IRR, including cash balance)
  • DJIA: +10.6%
  • Nasdaq: +7.1%
  • S&P 500: +7.9%
  • DJ Wilshire 5000: +7.7%
  • Russell 2000 (smallcap): +7.7%

In the span of a month, I went from leading the market indices by roughly 2 points to lagging them by the near-same margin. This kind of action could give investors whiplash but like a broken record, I must reiterate my focus on long-term results. Monthly, quarterly, even annual markers are meaningless in the long run. The objective is to grow capital over a prolonged period of time — even one year’s monster return is meaningless if all gains plus some are given back shortly after.

No market outlook this month as a possible investment opportunity supersedes my repetitive views on the market. Perhaps the market is returning to more uncorrelated normalcy as a few bargains may exist despite the run up to 13,000 (see CSCO buy).

Will keep readers posted.

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