Stock Screen: Cherry-Picking Hedge Fund Q1 Buys

My stock-screening process usually involves picking a quantitative criteria set and running it against the major exchange-listed stock universe to generate a list of prospective stocks. But seeing as I just finished a review of hedge fund Q1 portfolio holdings, I wanted to look closer at select stocks chosen from the various hedge funds I follow.

An admittedly subjective exercise, I picked the new stock buys that stood out to me and ran them through my watch list process, which examines various stock metrics, balance sheets and cash flow figures to derive a very rough estimated value. This valuation is by no means a comprehensive analysis — it is heavily biased toward free cash flow (FCF) and makes no assessment of future business prospects or balance sheet assets which may be more valuable than its listed carrying value. Rather, this imprecise estimate is intended to identify possible opportunities for further, in-depth investigation.

View the stock/financial metrics for this screen in spreadsheet format here.

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