5 Possible Opportunities in the Current Market

After nearly a month away, I return to largely unchanged markets despite constant chatter about the U.S. debt ceiling crisis. Will politicians regain their senses in time to avoid a calamitous default or downgrade? If markets are a discounting mechanism, both bonds and stock are skeptical of such a possibility. I remain skeptical of the [...]


Reverse Mortgages In Brief

With the slow motion housing crash still in progress and living in one of the nation’s hardest hit areas (northern California), it seems as if I am seeing more signs touting reverse mortgages, much like the “We Buy Houses” signs often stapled onto street poles. As a thirty-something homeowner, I am pretty sure  such a [...]


Gone Fishin’ For July

Hey folks, taking a break and won’t be doing much updating for July but will return in August. Thanks!

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