5 Possible Opportunities in the Current Market

After nearly a month away, I return to largely unchanged markets despite constant chatter about the U.S. debt ceiling crisis. Will politicians regain their senses in time to avoid a calamitous default or downgrade? If markets are a discounting mechanism, both bonds and stock are skeptical of such a possibility. I remain skeptical of the markets’ vaunted reputation as forward-looking discounting mechanisms so the complacency surrounding a possible U.S. debt priced in the markets is not overly comforting.

The main question for investors is not what will happen but rather, how to position our portfolios? For value investors such as myself, it is business as usual — we continue our constant search for underpriced stocks and leave the big picture questions to resolve themselves

As such, I examined the following eight stocks for possible investment:

View financial information for all eight stocks in spreadsheet format.

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