Reader Question On Soft Commodities

Dean asks, “if one wanted to invest in Grains, what symbols [do] you recommend?” I don’t know if I would necessarily recommend any symbol. The two stocks that I am most familiar with in this arena are the Rogers Agricultural Index (RJA) and the PowerShares DB Agriculture Fund (DBA). I once owned RJA so let’s [...]


Opportunities in Oil?

Kathy asks: I just read your recent post on Seeking Alpha discussing opportunities in the energy sector. If you had 10K would you put it in COP or one of the major integrateds now? Or where? RIG or SLB? Thanks for writing, Kathy. I won’t be making any specific recommendations but I’ve put together a [...]

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13F Clarifications & A Warning

Some readers have submitted further clarification on the Jim Puplava stake in Tyhee Development Corp, a junior gold exploration company. I had noticed Tyhee was no longer listed in the 13F SEC filing and mistakenly assumed he divested the stake. Rather, it appears Puplava is not required to disclose stakes in companies of that nature [...]

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Reader Question On Buying Foreign Stocks

Gerry asks: “I read your article on investing in ADRs in the US. I am interested in diversifying my portfolio into foreign companies but the spreads on the ADRs seem to be a huge drawback to investing through an ADR. Is there a way to avoid the ADRs and invest in those foreign exchanges directly? [...]

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No Escape From ACAS

Despite closing my ACAS position nearly two months ago (see my reasons here), I still get more traffic and questions on ACAS than on any other stock. A reader thoughtfully sent in a petiton regarding ACAS’ plan to issue shares below NAV. I’ve stopped following the stock and don’t know much about the details of [...]


More Reader Questions On Chesapeake Energy

Before I get to the questions, check out this morning’s WSJ for details on the latest Chesapeake (CHK) $412M VPP deal. First question comes from Neil: Hi Davy, I enjoyed reading your article on CHK. I am also a value investor and I’m grappaling with a problem that I think you have too. I hope [...]

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