9 Stocks to Consider Following the Recent Sell-Off

In light of the recent sell-off and with more volatility possibly in store, investors should be armed with watch lists of stocks and be prepared to move quickly. I spent much of the trading day reviewing 9 stocks which have intrigued me for some time from my watch list. Automatic Data Processing Inc (ADP) Applied [...]

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5 Possible Opportunities in the Current Market

After nearly a month away, I return to largely unchanged markets despite constant chatter about the U.S. debt ceiling crisis. Will politicians regain their senses in time to avoid a calamitous default or downgrade? If markets are a discounting mechanism, both bonds and stock are skeptical of such a possibility. I remain skeptical of the [...]


Stock Screen: Cherry-Picking Hedge Fund Q1 Buys

My stock-screening process usually involves picking a quantitative criteria set and running it against the major exchange-listed stock universe to generate a list of prospective stocks. But seeing as I just finished a review of hedge fund Q1 portfolio holdings, I wanted to look closer at select stocks chosen from the various hedge funds I [...]

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Watch List Stocks – 16 Possible Opportunities

I keep a stock watch list filled with hundreds of names which are evaluated in a broad fashion, with a strong bias toward free cash flow generation. Each stock is assessed a rough intrinsic value estimate and monitored weekly. If a stock’s price falls near my estimated intrinsic value, it shows up on my radar [...]

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5 Retail & Tech Stocks Worth A Look


Screening for Out-of-Favor Bargains

Zacks is a well-known investment research service that favors earnings momentum in determining its stock ratings. Since disappointing earnings often serves as the catalyst for undervalued stocks, it may behoove us to comb through Zacks’ out-of-favor stocks (as indicated by a Zacks Rank of 4+) in search of opportunity. To narrow down the list and [...]