Not Much Action

With markets generally rising after a very brief, small drop last week, there hasn’t been much buying on my end. Some gold stocks have dropped a little & are starting to look attractive. In the meantime, I continue to do screening and research, most of which is published on Seeking Alpha: Can GE Help Chesapeake [...]

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Reverse Mortgages In Brief

With the slow motion housing crash still in progress and living in one of the nation’s hardest hit areas (northern California), it seems as if I am seeing more signs touting reverse mortgages, much like the “We Buy Houses” signs often stapled onto street poles. As a thirty-something homeowner, I am pretty sure  such a [...]


Gone Fishin’ For July

Hey folks, taking a break and won’t be doing much updating for July but will return in August. Thanks!

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Weekly Biking Playlist: Bailout Edition

Who needs reality TV? I’m sure readers have read tomes on the bailout and probably have pretty strong negative positions on it already.  It’s sickening all the way around — everyone agrees on that.  I’m less sure that readers truly know what the stakes are.  After all, constant cries of “economic crisis” doesn’t really say much about what specifically is going on.  My take is as follows: Michael “Mish” Shedlock has been ringing the alarm [...]

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Penn West Energy Trust (PWE) Q2 Earnings Update

2008 Q2 highlights (all figures C$ unless otherwise noted): Due to the acquisitions, YOY comparisons may be misleading so I will be focusing on changes from Q1 2008. Keep in mind the big spike in oil prices during the quarter (and the big drop since). Operating cash flow improved markedly in Q2 2008 to $671M, [...]


World (& Markets) (& Davy) Gone Mad

Most readers (at least the stock-watchers among you) should be aware of the conflict in Georgia by now. Inexplicably, news of Russia opening a 2nd front has not prevented oil from falling 2% and gold 4% on the day. Perhaps I don’t pay enough respect to the power of technicals to move markets (sentiment is [...]