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Enlightened American Premium Annual Subscription: US$150.00


After three years of publicly posting my portfolio and beating the broader market each year, I am proud to announce the launch of my new premium subscription service, aptly called Enlightened American Premium, or EA-Premium for short.

Those following my blog through the years know that while I share many of my market thoughts and research on the blog, I also hold back a lot of information as well. In truth, most of the stock reports I produce are never published on the blog and many of the buys in my portfolio are redacted until they are sold. Perhaps it’s the influence of Warren Buffett and Seth Klarman, who zealously guard their ideas as if their lives (or at least their returns) depended on it. But such secrecy is somewhat contrary to my nature, begging the question, “why have a blog in the first place?”

I am happy to arrive at a medium where I can share all of my ideas and research while deriving some value for my work. Now I can show you more fully how I beat the market in each of the last three years: by 9%, 13.5% and 17% in 2007, 2008 and 2009 respectively.

In the past, I subscribed to quite a few newsletters that made me wonder if I was getting their best ideas in a timely manner. Some writers offered a low-priced product and a more expensive product — are they saving their best ideas for the pricey service? Others seemed to promote a well-known investing personality even as anonymous associates did most of the writing.

With EA-Premium, subscribers get ALL OF MY IDEAS — including ones I fail to act on. You never have to wonder if you are getting my best ideas because the moment I finish a report or a stock screen, I send my research out to subscribers. Unlike other services, subscribers not only receive my picks, they have full access to my watchlist and all stock screens.

Here is what subscribers can expect from EA-Premium:

  • Real-time access to all of my portfolio actions. If I buy or sell, subscribers will be notified as the trade is being executed. Absolutely every position is revealed — no redactions as on the public blog.
  • Subscribers get every research report the second I finish typing it. By contrast, blog readers get selectively published research reports, often months after I have opened the position.
  • My current watchlist will be posted weekly, complete with detailed financial data and my target for intrinsic value. If I pass on a great opportunity for whatever reason, subscribers will get the chance to pounce on my mistake!
  • Subscribers will get access to all stock screens I run, including my full evaluation of the prospects and my thoughts on the most promising names. Readers of the public blog only get the stock screen summary with limited data and brief descriptions of each stock — all on a week-delayed basis.
  • In addition, I regularly share my thoughts on the markets, on investment philosophy and all things financial with subscribers on a more in-depth level than currently available on my blog. I am always learning and now you’ll be along for the ride. Subscribers can publicly interact with me via the protected premium website, adding your comments, suggestions, questions, even challenges to my reports.
  • Subscribers can keep up with all of my latest moves and thoughts via email and a password-protected website. Once you’ve subscribed, you can join my Twitter feed to get the absolute fastest notification of any updates.

Basically, EA-Premium is your very own research analyst, helping you to navigate through your personal financial world.

All of this is offered for the ridiculously low price of US$150.00 annually. Other services offer subpar, low-priced products as a way to entice subscribers in the door and hit them with higher-priced products. But because you are getting access to all of my research, as fast as I can type it, you don’t have to worry about whether I’m holding back — I’m not offering any other product.

Because I am administering the service myself, I am limiting the number of slots to fifty (50) subscribers. If you do the math ($150 X 50), you’ll see it’s not very much money. I never set out to start an investment newsletter. And even now, my ambitions are far different than others. I have no interest in becoming the next Motley Fool or or even the next James Grant. Mainly, I would like to share my research, help other like-minded souls and yes, pay the mortgage, while retaining the freedom to pursue my research. I do not expect to get rich from this newsletter (hint: that’s what the investing is for!).

I believe EA Premium offers many new ideas for subscribers while also helping everyone (including me) become a better investor. I hope you will join today for the low annual price of US$150.00.


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