Obama Pays The Price For Impotence

The upset results of the Massachusetts US Senate special election are being widely dissected by pundits looking for explanations and ramifications coming out of this election. The obvious culprit  is “Obamacare” but as with most things in life, the explanation is not so singular. However, make no mistake: President Obama bears nearly full blame for [...]


James Grant: “Nothing Is Inherently Safe.”

James Grant of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer put in an extended appearance on Bloomberg’s Taking Stock program this afternoon. You can find the clip here. With the recent recovery in credit markets, Grant is pulling back some from his “supercredit” portfolio, recommended in December 2008. He also sees currency debasement as an inevitability, due to [...]

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Meet The New President, Same As The Last

That’s what Barry Ritholtz over at the Big Picture is calling our President: Barack W. Obama. Ritholtz sees little difference between Obama’s financial sector polices and those of his predecessor. Speaking as a supporter of Obama during the election campaign, I must agree with Ritholtz. The Obama administration has neutered every attempt at serious reform [...]

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CNBC’s Propaganda

CNBC’s coverage this morning in the wake of Obama’s budget plan is laughable and pathetic. Obama’s “War On Wealth”? Are they presenting news and analysis or is simply a monied version of conservative talk radio? On Obama’s budget plan, I confess ignorance to the fine details. Not only that but I paraphrase Seth Klarman’s wise [...]


O Barack, Where Art Thou?

Regular readers are aware that I supported Barack Obama in the last election. Because I based my decision not on ideological grounds but on competency, I have no problem criticizing him for ineptitude. While it may seem a bit premature to criticize the man before he’s even taken office, I feel it is fair.  President-elect [...]


Obama’s First Failure

I am mostly a fan of Fareed Zarkaria, a foreign-affairs oriented journalist with his own show on CNN and columns in Newsweek. He’s also written a new book, The Post-American World, which I have not read.  While I don’t agree with him all of the time, I do find him insightful once you discount some [...]