Has He Lost His Marbles?

Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska is your Republican candidate for VP.  You can quickly dig up stories on here so I won’t rehash but quite frankly, I can’t see how anyone would honestly call this a good move for McCain’s campaign.

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Barack Obama gets it

(naked capitalism, 12/5/09)

Guest Post: Biden Says “It’s [...]

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For Once, A Politician Gets Something Right

First, for reasons detailed previously, I support Barack Obama for POTUSA so bear this in mind.  Of course, he gave a historic speech tonight, filled with the usual political signposts and pandering. But readers can find fourth-rate ideological rantings on thousands of other sites so I will cut through the propoganda crap and look at [...]

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He Can’t Be Serious

Disclosure: I support Barack Obama for president.
That said, McCain’s latest attack ad (you know, the one about Paris Hilton & Britney Spears) strains even my jaded sensibilities. Republican elites have long displayed complete disregard for the intelligence of the American electorate (and with good reason) but this argument is completely inane (as a follow-up, both [...]

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Of Ideology & Politics

Michael Shedlock posts a back-handed endorsement of Barack Obama, pronouncing him the best of a bad lot. Anyone following Mish’s blog knows he is a libertarian who strongly supports Ron Paul. What is really interesting is the comments section of this post as his audience mostly denounce and reject his endorsement.
I have mentioned [...]