[Book Review] A Bull In China by Jim Rogers

AUTHOR: Jim Rogers
RATING: 6 of 10

Clear, concise writing style makes for quick reading.
Good introduction for those unfamiliar with the China story.
Despite Rogers’ tendency for fast quips during media appearances, on paper he tends to provide more facts and figures to support his arguments.
Provides a wide survey of different industries with a short listing of stocks [...]

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[Book Review] China: Fragile Superpower by Susan Shirk

AUTHOR: Susan Shirk
RATING: 10 of 10
REVIEW by Davy Bui
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A Hint of Hypocrisy

I haven’t really discussed politics much on this blog/site simply because the discourse is usually wasteful. Most people cannot separate ideology from politics and so discussion quickly descends into vitriol, dogma, etc. But I cannot resist the urge to register my disdain for the current Chinese Olympic protests in London, Paris, San Francisco, [...]

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Now They Really Don’t Know What They’re Talking About!

Bloomberg’s Open Exchange is interviewing Jonathan Lewis, head of some firm which I’m sure manages billions of dollars for someone or other. Most readers of the blog know my pet peeve regarding talking heads who espouse boneheaded strategies and/or outlooks. But this guy Lewis seems to have his data wrong as well.
He just [...]

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China 3C (CHCG.OB) Bring In New CFO

In my last update on this company, I speculated that part of the problems with their stock price had to do with invester relations and the relative lack of experience on the part of the CFO, who’s only 33 years old. Well, it looks like the company agreed as they’ve brought in a new [...]

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