Q2 2009 Portfolio Holdings for Bruce Berkowitz, Mohnish Pabrai, and Bob Rodriguez

The Fairholme Fund have bounced back nicely in 2009, showing a 30% gain for the year. Quick summary follows but you can view Berkowitz’s portfolio moves in this spreadsheet.

Their new positions seem to indicate that Berkowitz has changed his mind regarding some lukewarm comments about Berkshire Hathaway’s low growth potential a while back. He added [...]

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Bruce Berkowitz, Mohnish Pabrai and Bob Rodriguez 2009 Q1 13F Filings

Continuing the theme I discussed yesterday with Seth Klarman and Meryl Witmer’s filings, Bruce Berkowitz’s Fairholme Capital was strangely subdued (here’s the spreadsheet) despite the early March market plunge:

As with Klarman and Witmer, no new positions added (according to the 13F — remember, incomplete information) despite new bear market lows. Instead, it seemed Berkowitz was [...]

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Nature Waits For No Financial Crisis

Even as the markets ponder the pending arrival of the Great Depression Jr, the laws of physics and nature continue their onward march.  Consider two interesting articles from today’s Globe and Mail.
First, Suncor is cutting its 2009 capital spending by 70%. While the cause of this cutback stems entirely from the oil price collapse, let’s [...]

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2008 Q2 Portfolio Holdings: Bruce Berkowitz, Bob Rodriguez & Mohnish Pabrai

In their 13F-HR filing for Q2 2008, Bruce Berkowitz and his cohorts at the Fairholme Fund continue their shift from energy into healthcare:

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Pfizer’s deal with Wyeth could be a blessing for shareholders, not as good for long term growth

(Dividend Growth Investor, 1/26/09)

Drug Marketing Continues to be Criminal

(naked capitalism, 11/9/09)

Stock Analysis: Pfizer [...]


More 2008 Q1 13F-HR Filings: Berkowitz, Pabrai, Bob Rodriguez

Bruce Berkowitz and his team at Fairholme have been keeping busy with several new additions. Quick thoughts:

I am not sure if my scripts are handling the options correctly but since the options have the same CUSPID as the underlying stock, it is hard to tell which options the manager(s) are holding. Berkowitz has [...]

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Bloodbath in the Resource Sector

Looks like last week’s selloff finally caught up to us. Some really notable names off hard:
NOV off ~6 pointsPBR off ~8 pointsPCU off 9+ pointsABX off 3+ pointsAUY off 1+ pointBHP off 3+ pointsCNQ off ~6 pointsFCX off 10+ points
In my portfolio, AEM, TCK, PWE, hell pretty much everything in there is throwing up [...]

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