Reader Question On Soft Commodities

Dean asks, “if one wanted to invest in Grains, what symbols [do] you recommend?” I don’t know if I would necessarily recommend any symbol. The two stocks that I am most familiar with in this arena are the Rogers Agricultural Index (RJA) and the PowerShares DB Agriculture Fund (DBA). I once owned RJA so let’s [...]


History Suggests Markets May Suffer Further

In yesterday’s Financial Times, John Authers penned an in-depth article questioning the notion of “stocks for the long run” (never did like that Jeremy Siegel) and setting off some discussion among market bloggers. I’ve never paid much attention to general market theories and a study can be devised to support any hypothesis – value, growth/momentum, [...]

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Will Commodities Lead The Way?

I wanted to highlight two articles in the last two days’ Financial Times: “Commodities Face ‘Seven Thin Years’” “Baltic Dry [Index] Sees Biggest One-Day Rise in 25 years.” The first article summarizes the views of Michael Farmer, founder of the Red Kite hedge fund.  He’s predicting a long period of low commodity prices and surplus [...]


Media Appearance: Commodities Bubble & Chesapeake Energy

I did a podcast interview with Derek Simon at iStockAnalyst. We discussed a variety of subjects from my blog to oil prices and a little discussion re CHK: (Dec 15 2008 podcast) It’s been a few years since I’ve done any media appearances (back in my political days). I’m not eager to listen to [...]


Market Commentary Part 2 (or Ball Watching)

I start with an analogy…I used to be a big fan of that TV show, Friends but toward the end of its run, I got really bored with the show and couldn’t have cared less when it came off the air.  And my least favorite character was Joey, so I had absolutely no interest when [...]


Portfolio Performance: +9.6% YTD through July 2008

Click here to view the spreadsheet containing all disclosures for my complete equity portfolio, including initial entry points, YTD returns, total returns, etc. THE ENLIGHTENED-AMERICAN PORTFOLIO SPREADSHEET Enlightened-American Portfolio: +9.6% YTD (including dividends) DJIA: -14.2% Nasdaq: -12.3% S&P 500: -13.7% DJ WIlshire 5000: -12.6% Reuters 2000 (smallcap): -6.7% Due to the commodities correction currently underway, [...]

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