Strange Happenings In The Currency Markets

Quick note that there’s no screen this week as I release my portfolio spreadsheet tomorrow evening.
The weekend’s Financial Times carried an article on the carry trade: “Carry Trade Makes Comeback.” I doubt fx markets will go back to pre-2008 conditions where the yen carry trade is so prominent but there is massive uncertainty in the [...]

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Your Money’s No Good Here

Sorry about the absence the last few days…I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather.
The Asian markets (ex-China) are kicking off the week with continued selling. Bloomberg is carrying a story about foreign central banks trying to deal with the US dollar’s continuing slide with a variety of FX and capital controls. Who [...]

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Consequences of a "Strong" Dollar

Barry Ritholtz over at the Big Picture blog has a great post about what inflation under control looks like. He’s asked for a few more examples in the comments section but I’ll post them here below.
A few of these stories focus on the inflation we’ve been exporting through our dollar and especially how it’s [...]

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Actual Insight From A Newspaper — Imagine That!

If you don’t subscribe to the Financial Times, I’d highly recommend picking up a copy of today’s paper and flipping to pg 24.
A couple of great articles — first up is a thoughtful commentary from Jerome Booth regarding emerging market debt, which dovetails nicely with a book I just finished reading, The Return of Depression [...]

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Major Indices Take a Dive But No Bargains Yet

As I type this, the Dow is down 330+ points and all indices are negative 2% or so but I’m still having little luck finding interesting prospects. There are a few stocks coming into my zone as well as a new addition to the portfolio that still has a little further to drop before [...]

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