5 Reasons Devon Energy Is A Better Buy Than Chesapeake

Chesapeake Energy (CHK) preferred stock is one of the largest positions in my portfolio and with the recent sell-off in energy names, I considered adding CHK common stock but instead chose to open a position Devon Energy (DVN). The two companies share a similar profile: Headquartered in Oklahoma, operating in the onshore North American market [...]

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Buying Devon Energy (DVN)

Just took advantage of this market drop to buy Devon Energy (DVN) at $56.75. Market action feels like stocks could drop further but I’m less concerned about timing than insuring I get these shares selling too cheaply. Hopefully it does drop further so I can average down into a large position. I briefly laid out [...]

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2 Energy Stock Alternatives To Chesapeake Energy

A few weeks back, I penned an article questioning Chesapeake Energy’s (CHK) management and their ability to deliver value for shareholders, despite amassing a wealth of assets. While these doubts do not preclude me from holding my long position in CHK preferred D shares, I hesitate to add to my position, as CHK already comprises [...]

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Gasland: Frac Drilling Comes Under Fire

HBO is running a new documentary on fracking (shorthand for hydraulic fracturing), a key technology in the current US natural gas boom. Readers can find more information on fracking here but in brief, it is the process of injecting fluids into wells to break up earth and allow better well flow. Since Chesapeake Energy (CHK) [...]

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Oil Majors Scraping For Barrels At the Bottom of The Ocean

Following up on the last post regarding peak oil and the demise of easy oil, today’s Wall Street Journal has several articles spotlighting the plight of oil majors: BP Taps Deep Water To Grow BP Sambas Up with Devon Deal Exxon Output Gains Pose Risks to Margin While the details differ, the general theme remains [...]

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Boone Pickens, David Winters & Jim Puplava Q4 2008 Holdings

Boone Pickens’ recent investment hiccups have been well-publicized. A few months back, Pickens appeared on CNBC and disclosed that he had moved BP Capital almost entirely to cash. As you can see in the spreadsheet view, he wasn’t exaggerating. Still, Pickens found did retain and open a few positions: Pickens bought new stakes into Chesapeake [...]

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