Quick Layman’s Primer to Peak Oil

Strangely enough, I found this primer in a Financial Times book review: FT: Why Your World is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller As the review states, the concept of peak oil generates semi-emotional responses, from the true believers’ apocalyptic preparations to the skeptics’ derisive dismissal due to supreme belief in human ingenuity. But [...]


Some Perspective On Oil

Long-time readers know my bullish views toward the energy sector. In the past, I’ve counselled against using weekly inventory numbers in considering long-term investments in the space and today’s bullish inventory numbers, while propelling a nice rally in the energy names, is no different. The case for energy scarcity does not pivot on how much oil [...]

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Must Read Article On Current Oil/Gas Prices

This article comes courtesy of The Oil Drum. I only have 8 sites in my blogroll and there’s a reason for that.  While I do get requests for link exchanges and do consider them, I make a conscious effort to maintain the integrity of the blogroll.  The Oil Drum is one of the premier online [...]


How Does The Global Financial Crisis Affect The Peak Oil Thesis?

Michael Shedlock has a great post on the recent slide on oil prices.  Shedlock has been predicting a deflationary scenario as a consequence of the credit bust even when commodities reached all-time record highs earlier in the year.  Due to oil’s rapid descent past his $70 target, Shedlock is now predicting possible $50 – $60 [...]


Is the World Finally Waking Up to Peak Oil?

This front page article on the Financial Times website suggests that the reality of our situation may finally be sinking in. I don’t think it’s time to panic and start buying every energy company in sight.  The market has a way of faking itself out, as well as anyone sucked into the madness of it [...]


Matt Simmons on Bloomberg @ 2PM pst

For any of the peak oil skeptics, I’d highly recommend tuning into Bloomberg’s Open Exchange program today at 2pm PST and listening to Matt Simmons. He is the author of Twilight in the Desert and one of the best speakers on this subject. If you do tune in, be prepared for actual hard data, not [...]

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