Using Analysts as Contrarian Signals

Investors imbue analysts with high levels of credibility at their own risk. Wall Street analysts communicate in their own cryptic language that may impersonate English but rarely means what it says. When is a buy a buy and a hold a sell? In his book, Full of Bull, former Wall Street analyst, Stephen McClellan, divulges [...]

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Is Cheap Growth Still Available After Rally?

This was the theme behind my latest stock screen. After the massive run-up, investors need to be careful that laggards were not left behind for good reason. So I screened for cheap stocks relative to their expected growth rates while requiring high return on assets (ROA) and return on equity (ROE).  I added an additional [...]

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Looking For Out-of-Favor Stocks

One of the perks of being a certified Seeking Alpha contributor is access to various research tools like Zacks is an investment research service primarily oriented toward momentum and growth investing so their recommended stocks tend to be closer to 52-week highs than to the lows. Nevertheless, I find their in-depth company research reports [...]


Stock Screen: Highly Rated Cheap Stocks

In a recent post, I posited that markets did not look cheap from either a valuation basis nor an economic outlook standpoint. However, that does not mean I stop looking for investment opportunities, only that the search may not be as fruitful as I would like. So this week’s screen focuses on looking for cheap [...]

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Can These Consumer Companies Thrive in The Great Recession?

Following on my recent post that revealed the rise in American consumption predicated in large part on ever-rising healthcare costs, I decided to question my own view that US consumers would drastically retrench. Contrarian thinking is key to making good investment decisions — we should apply it to our own views once in a while. [...]

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Screening For Solid Dividend Payers

Regular readers of this blog know I place a premium on cash yields on my portfolio. But this emphasis on dividends has gotten me into trouble in the past. Yes, I’ll say it: “My name is Davy Bui and I am a recovering yield pig.” My past experiences with stocks like American Capital (ACAS) and [...]