5 reasons to start investing in SEO today

5 reasons to start investing in SEO today

The expected result is rewarding, both in terms of your website’s conversion and your brand positioning and perception of your target audience

SEO is a set of techniques used so that those who use internet search engines (Google, Bing, for example) reach your site organically, that is, without the use of paid media. The main techniques used are: content creation, link building, SEO Tech and user experience.

Imagine that you are looking for a material about Digital Marketing . If you don’t have a good indication, most likely what you’ll do is Google it , right?

Now think how many people are doing this right now about what you offer. I’m sure there are thousands of users looking for solutions that your company offers, and if they aren’t reaching you, it’s time to invest in SEO

But what is SEO? (and why invest)

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization , or in free translation, it is the optimization for search engines.

In other words, it is a set of techniques used for those who use internet search engines (Google, Bing, for example) to reach your site organically, that is, without the use of paid media.

For you to have an idea, around 70% of the traffic on the results of the Digital Results blog comes from organic search, that is, these visits are the result of the work with the optimization of our pages.

Given concept, I quote here 5 good reasons for you to invest in SEO.

1. Invest in what is really yours

Ever wondered what your biggest asset on the internet is? I would say the best answer is: your website. It will stay with you for as long as your company is active, it is there that people will know what you do, what are the advantages of your business and what you have the best to offer.

But what about social media ? They are extremely important in the most diverse points of the Digital Marketing strategy, however, they are not your patrimony.

Imagine if 10 years ago we had invested a very high amount betting all our chips on Orkut? Surely what appeared to be something very clear could be a disaster.

Investing in SEO for your website is investing in something you really own, it is betting on your greatest asset on the internet and reaping the rewards of hard work, however very valuable.

2. Get space on the 1st page of Google

Being on the first page of Google does not mean that your company provides a better service or has a product with much higher quality than your competition. Being among the top means that your SEO work is being done well and that your content is relevant.

However, for the more lay public and that uses the internet for research purposes, the feeling is that Google appoints you as one of the best in your market.

Here, small and large companies compete together for the same market . All the more reason to invest in SEO.

3. Be the reference your user is looking for

The more searches you have on the first pages, the greater will be your authority in the area in which you work.

People are looking for relevant data, solutions to problems, tips to improve their daily lives and much more. And if in these cases the searches were related to themes that your company operates, surely the brand that it will see as a market reference will be yours.

And it’s not enough to just produce content, you need to be aligned with ranking techniques so that your website is always ahead of the competition, that is, it is once again necessary to invest in SEO.

4. Increase your website visits (and sell more)

Being on the first pages of search engines is synonymous with more visits. Optimizing your site will make your navigation easier and your content, as well as rich, may be even more attractive. Result: increased search volume, new conversions on your site, more Leads to relate and much more chance of new customers .

A site with no updates and no use of SEO techniques will not generate recurring hits and will lose relevance over time, going from a site with the potential to generate a lot of business to a mere static virtual business card with very few hits .

5. Increase the quality of your ads

If you are thinking of investing in Google Ads and making your campaigns even better, it is essential to focus on SEO.

Google Ads measures your ad position using the Quality Score . It estimates (along with the bid) which position your ad will be placed in the auction. The Quality Score is divided into CTR ( click-through rate or click-through rate ), the relevance of the keywords and the quality of the page that will be accessed, and it is in this last point that SEO comes into play.

Optimizing the page for the user (among other factors) includes original content, relevant data and other information that the most diverse SEO techniques can help make browsing the best experience possible. After all, it’s no use clicking on an ad looking for one thing and finding another, right?

And one more important aspect: having the page optimized can make your bid cost less than expected . One more point for SEO!

Investing in SEO in times of crisis

With the Covid-19 pandemic and the quarantine, the way many companies and people work changed. The home office became a reality, in addition to the digitalization of many businesses in order to guarantee their survival during this period.

With this, more than ever it is the time to invest in SEO, because it is not enough just to be in the digital environment and have a website, your business, products and/or services need to be found by people, that is, to be on Google .

With the Coronavirus crisis, those who were already doing SEO work ended up getting more results, as they probably already had well-positioned pages. However, even if you never invested in SEO or didn’t know what it was about before reading this post, now is the time!

Warning: SEO is not overnight

Optimizing a website and seeing it grow takes a while. You can add at least 3 to 6 months to your schedule. But little by little, the results are accumulating and the gains are rewarding.

Investing in SEO is a fundamental point to achieve medium to long term results . It needs to be worked on constantly and you must always be aware of the new rules of the game.

However, the expected result is rewarding, both in terms of conversion of your website and your brand positioning and perception of your target audience .

It’s really worth investing in SEO 🙂

To learn more, download the Complete SEO Guide , a material with everything you need to know to stay on the first page of Google and attract more qualified visitors.