6 basic tips for your technology company to conquer market through the internet

6 basic tips for your technology company to conquer market through the internet

Here are some simple and easy-to-apply tips for you to position yourself on the internet by attracting customers to your product. Check out!

We know that among the biggest difficulties faced by technology companies is gaining market share and becoming a reference in what they offer. And the way to get there is usually not an easy one, as competition is great, the target audience is often unprepared to understand such a product or service, and the flood of information on the web continues to grow. Building trust takes effort and time, but some shortcuts can be added to get your business there faster.

With that in mind, we’ve put together some simple tips for you to position yourself on the internet by attracting customers to your product. Check out.

1. Interact through social media

This topic seems obvious, but many people still miss the opportunity to use social media fully and strategically. They use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn only to publicize the content they produce or replicate from other portals. Some companies don’t even invest in as many networks as Google+, Instagram, SlideShare, Youtube or the newest of live video transmissions like Periscope , which have brought excellent results for several companies.

Social networks are based on interaction. So, participate in discussions, answer comments and questions that have to do with your product in groups and other pages and interact with other companies. This helps build trust, shows authority on the subject and gives credibility to your brand. Using social networks in a genuine way based on the proposal of each one, relating to users, is to increase the chances of having them as future customers.

2. Advertise on sites that are reference in your industry

This tip demands financial investment, but it can also bring surprising results. If your product is a health app to help people stop smoking, for example, you can search search engines for the first sites that are organically ranked in the “stop smoking tips” search.

Most news portals use Google’s advertising system, allowing you to place your website or a specific Landing Page on the portal through the Adwords display network . This is a way to strategically go after customers and, even not getting the first placements of your content for those keywords, gain visibility among your target audience (who have already recognized that they have a problem but so far not knows your solution). Also, when you finally arrive organically on the first page of searches, people will already be familiar with your brand and bringing them to your company’s website will be even easier.

3. Participate in specific forums

The idea here is the same as that of social networks: interact and show that you understand the subject, becoming a reference in the area. The difference is that in these forums you will find people with even more specific knowledge in that area and with more punctual questions, which can be considered from the middle or bottom of a funnel .

This audience is usually even more prepared to understand your solution and how it can help you overcome problems or improve processes, ie, to buy it. Some examples of technology forums to participate in Brazil are: IT Forum 365 , Techtudo , UOL , Imasters , Script Brasil and TechNet .

4. Join Quora

Despite being a social network, Quora is worth a special topic, as it can be considered the largest knowledge-sharing social network. What this means? That the dynamic of questions and answers on this platform, which is very similar to a forum, has moved several areas of knowledge. And, in the case of technology, we can highlight it even more.

Many people use Quora to ask questions about technology and the social network usually ranks very well (on the first page) some types of questions about SaaS, such as “I’m thinking about buying this product X, does anyone recommend?”. Always be aware of curiosities number one, that is, the first pages of results and look for questions and assessments left by common people, not companies, to answer them.

The point here, again, is to build trust and gain visibility. So don’t participate by just saying that you offer software for that niche. Introduce yourself really engaged to try to help with the issues raised. If you can provide truly qualitative answers, people will likely go after your profile and can see that you, for example, are the CEO of a SaaS company that offers a useful solution to their problem. This way, you will be able to enter the list of hiring possibilities without even having to offer your product or service.

5. Create your own forum

If participating in forums can already bring incredible results to gain authority and promote the brand, imagine creating your own discussion space. If this solution is viable for your company, do not hesitate to put it into practice. Thus, your organization will be largely responsible for generating a dialogue around the theme that your product is inserted.

In this space you can indicate your rich materials or blog posts within each topic raised, or just submit answers that really help the participants. This will not only generate buzz for your business, it will also help your target audience take more steps towards their education on the subject.

Many technology companies have already invested in this strategy and obtained very interesting results, as is the case of Rock Content, RD’s partner that created the Content Marketing Forum , which addresses several topics related to content production for marketing. In addition to gaining authority on the subject, your business will position itself as a reference in the market, attracting new customers without major efforts from the sales or marketing team.

6. Work with marketing automation

It’s no use attracting visitors to your site with all the tips already mentioned if you can’t turn them into Leads and keep them close, nourishing them with other content until they’re ready for purchase. Working with marketing automation is to avoid wasting all the effort you’ve had so far. This strategy facilitates a closer and more personalized relationship through segmentation, in addition to allowing you to educate your Leads explaining why a product like yours is relevant to them. To learn everything about the subject, from theory to practice, we recommend reading our eBook “Marketing Automation” .

Despite conquering an increasing space in the Digital Marketing of companies and bringing real and measurable results, there are few organizations in Brazil that invest in automation and, therefore, those who use this resource end up coming out ahead. The use of marketing automation is to close with a flourish (before sending to sales) all the strategies that have been carried out so far.