The Power of Facebook Ads for Your Business: How the Platform Can Accelerate Results

Did you know that Facebook has 127 million Brazilians active monthly? See how ads can help you reach them!

Producing valuable content and making it available for free through Landing Pages is a great way to generate Leads, attract the right people to your business, and facilitate sales. We talk about it quite often here on the RD blog.

However, many start-up companies find this task difficult and sometimes time-consuming. And that’s not a lie: it’s always good to keep in mind that a Content Marketing strategy  works much better for the long term.

Even so, companies that are starting to use the internet to generate business can accelerate results and get ahead of the competition, especially in a competitive market.

Paid media is a way to shorten this path and get to the right Leads faster. Many of our customers have achieved good results in sponsored campaigns on Facebook, currently the largest social network in the world and ideal for generating demand.

Some important data about Facebook (via Sprout and Statista ):

  • More than 2.2 billion people use Facebook monthly;
  • Each user spends an average of 35 minutes a day on Facebook;
  • 93% of social media advertisers invest in Facebook Ads.

Brazil is one of Facebook’s biggest markets. In June 2018, the company announced that the number of Brazilians active on the social network, per month, reached 127 million . Furthermore, it revealed that 90% of these users use mobile devices to access it.

What is Facebook Ads

The  Facebook Ads is a robust media system pays that offers plenty of formats and segmentation for companies to advertise within the social network.

You know those posts that appear on your timeline with a gray caption written “Sponsored”? These are content promoted within the platform and that were driven by this fan page.

Facebook’s ad platform offers different formats and business objectives for advertisers, from likes on the page, lead generation to confirmation of presence at events.

Why Advertise on Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook Ads is a way to increase your company’s reach on the social network and generate more business with a highly customizable and controllable investment. That is, you only invest as much as you can and as much as you want.

Furthermore, Facebook’s complex algorithm has not guaranteed that all your posts will be seen by all of your followers for some time now. On average, only 1% of your fans will view your posts.

And besides, advertising on Facebook allows your company to reach people who haven’t liked your page yet.

In summary, some advantages of advertising on Facebook are:

  • Easily find people: You can choose your audience based on demographics, behaviors or contact information;
  • Grab the audience’s attention: Ad formats are attractive, flexible, and work across all devices and connection speeds;
  • Analyze Results: Ad reporting tools show you how your ads have affected your business in easy-to-read, visual reports.

3 Common RD Customer Problems That Facebook Ads Can Solve

With our experience serving over 11,000 customers, many of them running paid media actions on Facebook, we have identified 3 common issues faced by these companies.

1. Difficulty and delay in generating traffic only with organic actions, such as SEO and social networks

Yes, organic traffic is achieved over time and not immediately. SEO is a constant work of improving your website focused on the medium and long term, and that hardly brings results right at the beginning.

That doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. On the contrary, long-term investment pays off over time. However, if you need more immediate results, advertising on Facebook is a good solution

2. Difficulty finding the right audience on the internet

Do you already know your audience? Do you have well-defined personas?

Not all companies know the right audience. Or know but don’t find it.

The high segmentation provided by Facebook ads and interesting features such as lookalike audience can help your company more quickly find the audience that wants your product/service, but doesn’t know you yet.

3. Very slow buying journey in the perception of many companies

The shopping journey is a basic path taken by all consumers on the internet. However, this journey can be very slow and the time between the learning and discovery stage to the closing stage can be long.

With funnel bottom ads you can “shortcut” the shopping journey and show your solutions to people who are ready.

Bonus: Examples of RD Customers who generated Leads with Facebook Ads

To make everything more practical, we’ve brought you some real-life examples: they are Resultados Digitais clients who used Facebook ads to accelerate the generation of Leads.

Check out!

King Host

  • Leads generated: 1,527



  • Leads generated: 947


  • Leads generated: more than 100


Security Solutions Alert

  • Leads generated: 122



  • Leads generated: 592


Above, you saw the power of Facebook Ads and also some examples of customers who are using this channel for lead generation. Is that you? Already do Facebook ads for your business?

Here at RD, we believe it is possible to simplify the lives of marketers who work with Facebook Ads. We reached this conclusion by analyzing, precisely, the challenges that companies have to stand out from the competition.

Therefore, RD Station Marketing customers have access to a feature that allows the creation of Facebook ads and integration with Facebook Lead Ads.

That way, you can create Facebook ads directly on RD Station and quickly increase visitors to your Landing Pages.

In addition to accelerating your results, your company also gains productivity by performing multiple actions on a single platform.

The native integration with Facebook Lead Ads allows you to generate Leads in Facebook and easily bring them to your base in RD Station, avoiding manual tasks or external integrations. Just connect your accounts, combine the fields and you’re done!